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Since China began enforcing the One-Child Policy in 1980, over 37 million girls have disappeared in the world’s largest gendercide and over 336 million forced and coerced abortions have occurred under the policy’s reign. But there is hope! Check out the All Girls Allowed movement and find out how you can join what God is doing to bring an end to these injustices!
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你们必晓得真理,真理必叫你们得自由柴玲致教会关于远志明系列强暴案的第5封信2015年2月26-27日 亲爱的主内兄弟姐妹,长老, 牧师们,主内平安!作为一个被远志明在24年前强奸年后还没有完全得到完全公义医治的的受害者,我再次谢谢您们的关注和祷告, 也以公开信的方式表达两个内容和请求:我作为一个受害者对18位华人牧者勇敢公正的的独立调查及公开报告的感动和对神的公义彰显的感恩:;我作为一个受害者对神州传播协会董事会主席谢文杰公告的震惊和愤怒:感谢勇敢独立牧者的调查:亲爱的兄弟姐妹们, 在我的公开信发出后的三个月里所发生的事, 只是过去的三年多的痛苦经历的缩写。2011年10月我跟远志明很单纯的希望能达成道歉和解的谈话, 没想到竟成了似乎是对华人教会的黑社会似的帮派组织系统的挑战。难怪远志明当初可以很傲慢的几乎像黑手党似的威胁我: “柴玲, 你给人讲这件事, 会对你自己会没好处”。但我感恩的是我还是被神从几乎失去对耶稣对教会信仰的死亡边缘上不但被救下来,...
Let There Be Justice! February 18th, 2015 Dear Board members of China Soul and the Board of Yuan Zhiming’s ordination as a pastor: We are disappointed and disheartened with your lack of response to our letter dated December 19, 2014 regarding the sexual assault and rape of our spiritual Sister Chai Ling by Mr. Yuan Zhiming.  These are extraordinary and serious charges with profound implications both legally and to the witness of Mr. Yuan Zhiming and his ministry. Our request was respectful, sincere, and keeping with the Gospel in merely asking you, his overseers, to...

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     Xiu is a Christian, but her husband is not. They live in a remote mountainous area, have three daughters, are poor, and have a lot of debt. In March 2014, Xiu realized she was pregnant with another daughter. Her husband wanted a son and told her to...

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