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Since China began enforcing the One-Child Policy in 1980, over 37 million girls have disappeared in the world’s largest gendercide and over 336 million forced and coerced abortions have occurred under the policy’s reign. But there is hope! Check out the All Girls Allowed movement and find out how you can join what God is doing to bring an end to these injustices!
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----A Letter from Chai Ling to the Hong Kong Protesters on China's National Day October 1st, 2014  Dear Brothers and Sisters in Hong Kong,      As messages sent from friends, as well as news coverage and prayer letters, reach me on behalf of your "umbrella movement," I am brought great joy but also great pain through memories evoked of the 1989 Tiananmen massacre.        My joy comes from seeing a new generation courageously rising up in Hong Kong, which is asking for the same freedom, with the same principles, as we did 25 years ago...
Image: Time to End Gendercide in China and in America by Chai Ling and Stacey KaoSeptember 19, 2014 September 25th, 2014 marks the 34th year since China’s enforcement of the brutal One-Child Policy. As a result of the policy 400 million babies have lost their lives and 37 million baby girls were killed, due to the Asian culture’s practice of favoring boys over girls. In light of this, we at All Girls Allowed---in Jesus’ name simply love her, are shocked and heartbroken to hear the news that San Francisco’s Supervisor David Chiu’s proposal to lift bans on...

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Testimony of Ms. Gao - November 15, 2014


Ms. Gao is 38 years old and her husband Mr. Zhou is already 58 years old. They have four people in their family, themselves and their two daughters. Their second daughter is called Wen Li ; Wen Li will be 1 year old and graduating from the program...

Testimony of Sister Yan - November 20, 2014

Ms. Yan was registered this June. She is now seven months pregnant and has a five-year-old son. Even though she gone through some struggles and persecution, through the love and mercy of God, Yan has chosen to keep her unborn child. At the same time, she has experienced a...