The Red Sea: "Regan's Story"

Bio: Regan Lookadoo is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky. While teaching the course "Psychology of Slavery," she began to see a real energy among the students as their initial shock concerning modern day slavery turned into a passion towards advocacy. Lookadoo used this energy to lead a two year focus on human trafficking on campus which culminated in the "Uniting Minds, Transforming Lives: Kentucky Conference on Human Trafficking," which was held on March 22-24th, 2012.


It was the first statewide conference in Kentucky on Human Trafficking that incorporated both awareness and specific advocacy methods for professional and educational settings. The purpose of the conference was to spread knowledge of the injustice of human trafficking and engage and unite Kentuckians with local and national organizations to fight against human trafficking across the globe. Georgetown College now has a student abolitionist group that organizes monthly events to raise awareness of the issue of human trafficking and Lookadoo is hopeful that the college can again host another conference for the state in the near future.