The Red Sea: "Gabby & Amiee's 10th Birthday Party" by Tanya

Summary: The girls (Gabrielle & Amiee) celebrated their 10th birthday by hosting an Asian Tea Party for their friends. Each of the attendees was encouraged to bring a donation for All Girls Allowed. They raised enough money to rescue two girls from gendercide. Note: This video was edited in part by Valerie Ross, media producer for All Girls Allowed.

Bio: As a parent of one of the girls, I submitted this video to demonstrate that children can be involved in helping to restore value and dignity to mothers in China who are suffering because of the one child policy. They hope that other children are inspired to raise money and champion this cause. I believe it is a great idea to help children get involved in philanthropy and consider those less fortunate. One benefit is that children can learn that giving can be more rewarding than receiving. I would like to expand this concept of charity parties to aid nonprofit organizations.