37 Seconds

On September 25 1980, the Chinese Government instituted its One-Child Policy to be in place for 30 years.  But it's still enforced today.


Since the day the policy began, horrible things have happened.  When families can have only one child, they choose boys.  Mothers who give birth to baby girls are condemned within their culture and are often rejected by their husands or in-laws.  Trying again for a boy is dangerous.  Second-time Mothers face exorbitant fines or a forced abortion.


This systematic elimination of girls is called GENDERCIDE, and it's happening in 4 ways: through pre-natal sex selection, infanticide, abandonment, and trafficking.  And it's happening every day.


Since the policy began, 37 million Chinese girls have been lost.  That's more than the number of people killed in all the major genocides of the past century combined.


Each of these girls will never celebrate her first birthday.  Today it's time to remember them.


Your moment of silence starts now.