UPDATE: Young Pregnant Mother Runs Away from Home, Leaving Son Behind

Update: Praise our amazing God who hears our prayers: we received a phone call from Ya and she said that her family has been worried about her living on own her own. They found her and brought her home. She is very grateful for the help our ministry give her and we are planning to visit her soon.


Pray that God continues to watch over Ya, the baby in her belly, and her one year old son. We hope our coworkers can understand her situation more when they go visit her, and hope God gave reveal to them a better way to serve and love her.


Original Prayer Request: Last month, our coworkers registered a very young mother, Ms. Ya, who is only 18 years old. She has a husband who is 20 years old and works away from home, and together they have a one year old son. She realized she was pregnant last month, and is about four month pregnant now. They live in the mountains in a remote village, and their family is very poor. Ya’s husband does not take care of his family, even though he works he has never sent them money. Ya has no education and does not use the telephone to communicate.


Her husband’s mother died when he was very young, and he was brought up by his father. A few years ago his father was working in construction and had an accident causing him injury to his feet. After physical therapy, the father’s feet could not be healed, so he is disabled and their family is extremely poor. Last month, when our workers went to visit them, there was only had Ya, her father-in-law, and Yah’s one year old son at home. Other than those three people, the have no one else.


When we looked again at Ya’s registration papers, we noticed in one of the photos that there were many bottles of alcohol in her home. This led our hearts to feel uneasy about Ya’s situation. Considering she lived

alone with her son and father in law, with no mother and husband by her side, it is very likely that her father in law is an alcoholic. Therefore, we asked some coworkers to visit her and try to understand Ya’s situation, to understand if her environment is safe.


Yesterday we received our coworker’s reply as follows:


Two day ago we had some coworkers go visit Ya in her home. We were planning on bringing her their monthly allowance and increase it from 100 yuan to 250 yuan. However, it was only until we reached Ya’s village that we realized she had already ran away from home. Our coworkers found out from her neighbors that her husband does not care at all for his family and spends his time drinking and gambling. Her father in law is also the same, he plays mahjong, gambles, and drinks. We heard that her older brother is in college and her younger sister is also studying; she may have decided to marry early because of this.


We also heard that, last month, after our workers visited Ya, her father in law pressured her into giving him her monthly allowance. He then gave the money to his own niece, so Ya and her son were unable to use any of the money. Unhappy with her situation, Ya left home to find work in the city, leaving her son behind with her father in law. It has already been a few weeks since anyone has heard any news from her.


Currently, we are very worried that Ya may abort her child, but also worried that even if she does not choose to abort her baby, her living situation would be difficult. Meanwhile, she left her son at home where he is bound to be subject to a great deal of emotional hurt and feelings of abandonment.