UPDATE: Pastors Five-Month-Old Daughter Battles Serious Blood Disease

Original prayer request: One of our workers' pastor and his family are going through a difficult time because their five month old girl was recently diagnosed with a serious blood disease. This Friday, the baby, baby Lin, will recieve and MRI to see if she has a bone infection or not. If ther bone is not infected, she will be released next week, but if it is she will have to remain in the hospital for another six weeks. The family is worried about baby Lin and the medical costs are significant. Please pray for total healing for the baby, peace for the family, and provision for all medical costs.


Update #1: The MRI showed that the baby Lin's bone is inflamed, and unfortunately she was diagnosed with a bone infection. She will have to stay in the hospital for at least 5 more weeks. Her disease has the potential to be very serious, but it could also get better.  The doctor said within these 5 weeks it will be good news if her inflammation can be controlled and not spread. However, if the infection is recurrent and repeats, it could cause bone cancer and the doctor would have to amputate baby Lin's arm.

God is our great Healer, He can do this! Please continue to earnestly pray for this little girl and her family. Pray that the infection would completely disappear and that the baby will be able to return home to her family.
Update #2: Baby Lin's infection is under control and she was released from the hospital! Praise God! Additionally, God provided for the family's medical bills through the generosity of local ministries. The local churches reported increased unity and peace among church members after they agreed in prayer for baby Lin. We praise God for these answers to prayer and continue to lift up baby Lin for total healing.


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