UPDATE: Mother Facing Pressure to Abort Baby Girl

Update: Lin had abortion last June due to poverty. Soon she was pregnant again and our workers enrolled her in our program. After her family found out through the ultrasound that she was pregnant with a girl, her husband and father in law were upset and asked her to abort the baby. After our worker talked with her, telling her the harm of abortion and that it is a sin, they persuaded her to keep the baby. One and half month ago, Lin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! Our worker visited Lin's family recently, saw the whole family was happy, everybody loves the girl, including the father and father-in-law! Praise God!


Pray that God continues to work on the hearts of everyone in this family and that His love prospers.


Original Prayer Request: Please pray for Lin, a mother who courageously decided to keep her baby last year despite having aborted her previous pregnancy. Recently, Lin had an ultrasound and found out that she was pregnant with a girl. Both her husband and her father-in-law want her to abort the baby, but she wants to keep her child. Please pray for God to soften the hearts of her husband and father-in-law so they will change their minds and allow Lin to keep her baby. God can save this precious life!