UPDATE: Family Faces Sickness, Financial Hardship, and Isolation from Relatives

Original prayer request: Wu is a pregnant mother in our Baby Shower Program who recently experienced a series of tragic events. Please read about her story below:


Wu and her husband Gao are two missionaries who received God’s calling to serve in a region far away from their hometown. Recently, the doctors told Wu that it is too risky to carry her new pregnancy to term because her wound from the last c-section has not healed properly. Having heard this, Wu’s family wants her to undergo an abortion. Although Wu has no intention to abort her child, she nonetheless feels threatened by the potential risks of giving birth.


To make matters worse, the doctors diagnosed a heart problem in Wu’s 13-month-old daughter. As a result, Wu and Gao had to give up their missionary positions to look after their sick daughter at home. Without a stable income and sufficient savings, Wu and Gao are having a hard time affording their rent and their daughter’s medical expenses. Gao once tried to work at a factory owned by one of his church brothers, but since he had to leave work frequently to take care of his wife and daughter, he was forced to give up the job two months later. 


The family now lives in deprived conditions with limited food and resources and there is nowhere that they can go. If Wu returns to her hometown, her family members will probably force her to abort her child. On the other hand, Gao’s mother is a member of a heretical sect that upholds distorted teachings of Christianity, so seeking assistance from her would only complicate matters.


Wu’s daughter is having her next heart checkup in five months, and the due date for Wu’s second child is quickly approaching. With their lives struck by health problems, financial hardship, and family disapproval, Wu and Gao are becoming more and more fearful of the future.


Workers at All Girls Allowed are trying their best to improve this family’s situation. Meanwhile, please pray that God would bring healing to Wu and her daughter, and that God would provide the physical, emotional, and spiritual support necessary for Wu’s family to overcome the challenges they are facing. 


Update: Wu and Gao live in a rural village. The village hospitals do not offer pregnancy services, so Wu cannot give birth there. The couple have moved into the city where major hospitals are close by, but delivering babies is expensive. It costs more than $10,000 yuan in urban hospitals, so Wu and Gao are worried about their financial prospects. In addition to that, Wu's baby is big and is causing pain on the opening from her previous C-section. Doctors are suggesting that Wu give birth through surgery this month before the date the child is due.


Please pray that Wu would have a safe and painless delivery of her baby, whether it is through another C-section or a natural birth. Pray that both the mother and child would be healthy and that God would provide for Wu and Gao's hospital bills.