Testimony: The Power of Prayer!

Testimony of Ms. May - October 27, 2014


May was registered this year in July and was at the time about six to seven months pregnant and had not yet believed in the Lord. They already had a four year old daughter, and the couple worked in a garment factory as sewers. Their days would be very peaceful. Because they already had a daughter they wanted to have a boy, but whenever she would go to the hospital to check if her baby was a boy or girl, they could not find out. Thank God.


Her original due date was in September, but due to a sudden inexplicable pain in her stomach accompanied with bleeding, the family rushed May to the hospital. The doctor immediately recognized that she was in critical condition and may not be able to save both mother and baby. However, May’s mother is a Christian and during the whole ordeal she was quietly praying for her daughter and grandchild. Thank God. May’s baby was taken out in time, and even though her little face was purple, she was still alive. After ten days of treatment, the child was finally out of critical condition and now the family has a lovely new daughter.


Now let’s hear May’s story!:

Under the emergency, the doctor told the family that My would have to remove her womb. Her family was devastated because, after all, May is only 27 years old, and their hearts felt sorry for her. Family members waiting outside the Emergency Ward were restless, filled with anxiety and fear, but May’s mother was silently praying for her daughter in her heart. She prayed for God’s mercy, healing, and miracles. Eventually, May’s bleeding stopped and she did not have to remove her uterus. She had crossed from danger into safety.


In the end, the doctors were amazed and asked May, “Does your family have a faith?”

May said, “My mother is a Christian.”

“Then it must have been that God who protected you. In such a dangerous situation, this was the first time I have seen a mother and baby be saved.”


Thank God that in situations that may be difficult for man, with Him all things are possible.


When the coworkers went to visit May and her daughter, May was very excited to tell them all about her experience. She said, “God protected me and my daughter.” She also asked the coworkers for a Bible, and they gave her a Bible MP3 player. Later when coworkers went to visit again, the family was at home listening to the player. May was glad to hear our coworkers explain the contents of the player and liked to ask questions about the gospel. We can truly see in her a desire for God’s word.


May and her family are very grateful, from the bottom of their hearts, for the help this ministry has brought them. May thanked the coworkers, “I really thank you for your ministry, and care for my daughter. This is really a great help and we thank you for dedicating yourselves to our home, coming every month to bring us unconditional love and care.”


Because of the treatment the family is suddenly in tens of thousands of dollars debt. To help, our coworkers adjusted their allowance from 100 yuan per month to 250 yuan per month.


Thank God for His amazing works. Even though May has not yet decided to give her life to the Lord, we believe that, given time, her and her family will be led to God. In this journey, we saw God’s healing and protection, and we hope that our brothers and sister can continue to pray unceasingly for this family. Our God is a God who hears our prayers, and as long as we have willing heart and perseverance, God will answer us!


Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. (James 5:16)


God honors all of our prayers and testimonies. Let all glory and praise be given unto our God, the Father in heaven!