Testimony and Praise: Jesus’ Love Warms Our Hearts

Ms. Ying is currently five months pregnant; she was enrolled with our Baby shower program this August.


Ying, her husband and their two children are a family of poor rural farmers, living in a remote mountainous area. Because they have no source of income at home, to make a living, they had to drag the family, away from their hometown, into the city to work. The husband is 48 years old, and Ying is almost 30. The husband has no education so he can only rely on temporary jobs to make a living. His main work is to lift and move sand mortar mix, and he works tirelessly. They earn about 2000 yuan ($326) every month, but housing rent, at its cheapest, is 500 yuan ($82). The wife’s hands and feet are disabled, they do not act freely, and she is slightly mentally handicapped, so she cannot work. She can only be at home, raise the kids, and do some housework. Their eldest daughter is in preschool now and their second daughter is almost two years old. Their family situation is difficult.


On August 22, our coworkers went to visit their home and they heard the gospel for the first time. The couple was able to feel God’s love from the co-workers. They became very emotional and told our coworkers that whether in their hometown or in the city, no one has ever cared for them in this way. In their everyday lives, they are often frowned upon, despised by others, and have never had this experience of people caring for and helping them.


After a period of constant contact and communication, the couple came to know Jesus and that only through believing in the Lord can they get His blessings and help. The couple said: if it not for the concern and help they experienced from our co-workers, they would have never known there is love in this world. They said they must believe in Jesus, rely on Jesus and follow Jesus. The coworkers helped them to say a prayer to give their lives to God, and also listened and read the Bible with the coworkers. When hearing some of the verses in the Bible, for example: But He was pierced through for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; The chastening for our well-being fell upon Him, And by His scourging we are healed (Isaiah 53:5). Hearing these verses, they would be filled with tears and say: if only we heard the Gospel earlier!


Let us come together and pray for the family! Ask God to keep blessing them and open a road for them, to give them abundant grace. We believe that God's grace is sufficient for their use because for those who take refuge in the Lord, our God will not let them live in shame. Amen!