Praise and Prayer for a Family is Restored!


On the morning of September 9th 2014, our co-workers, Brother John and his wife, woke up early to catch a long distance bus headed towards a small village, five hours away from the city. After spending two hours of transferring buses, they finally arrived at the mountainous region, then spent another hour traveling within the mountain and finally arrived at the village. After eight hours on the road, John finally got to Sister Xiu’s home to visit her newborn daughter.


When John and his wife arrived, they saw Xiu’s three daughters playing with each other, and Xiu laying on the bed next to her still unnamed five-day old daughter. She told the workers that her daughter was born on September 14th at a local private hospital, weighing 3 kg (6.6 lbs) when she was born. She adored this child.


In order to avoid the family planning committee, Xiu’s family relocated to her mother’s village because her newborn baby, the 4th child in the family, is illegal according to the One-Child Policy.


However, the father hadn’t even looked at his daughter yet; not because the he hates the her but because of a past burden on his heart. The family had a son, but at the age of 12 their son was diagnosed with brain cancer. The family spent everything they had for treatment, but he lost his battle with cancer. In the end, they were left with 30,000 in debt.


At the moment, they already have three daughters (oldest 15 years old, 2nd daughter 4 years old, 3rd daughter 2 years old). At the same time, there are also elderly to take care of at home. Even though they own some corn fields, it is not enough to feed the family and Xiu’s husband needs to go outside and take on an extra job. Knowing this, he would not accept Xiu’s pregnancy this time and asked her to abort the baby because they would be unable to pay off their debts and feed so many mouths. Fortunately, John and his wife were there to discourage Xiu from abortion, and encouraged her to insist on keeping the child, so she could be born.


In the evening, John and his wife found out from Xiu, before her husband came back from work, that her husband wanted to give the baby up for adoption. However, Xiu is a Christian, since 2008, so she not only did not want to abort the baby, but she also wanted to keep the baby. Because of this Xiu and her husband have been stuck in a painful dispute. Our John comforted Xiu with the Bible and told her that every child is from God, so we cannot give up this easily. Jesus came to this world to save every life and he hasn’t given up on us.


Later, the husband arrived and John spoke with him or more than two hours. He used God’s word to tell the husband how Jesus came to save mankind, gave his daughter a baby blanket as a gift, as well as monetary support of 500 RMB/month. Through those two hours God worked on the husband’s heart, and he started to soften up and became able to accept his daughter. For the first time since she was born, he touched and hugged his daughter after the conversation!


Xiu’s husband is very appreciative towards the monetary support and agreed not to send his child away. They family even asked us to name the baby, so our worker named her Rebecca, and they were pleased with this name. Rebecca’s sisters were also very happy that their father is not planning to give their youngest sister away anymore.


The next morning, after saying goodbye to the lovely family, John and his wife were able to return home with joy and thankfulness in their hearts.


Please pray for the safety of this family because they are still avoiding the family planning committee. Pray for all four of their beautiful daughters to grow up healthy and happy. Pray that Xiu and her husband's marriage will be able to stay strong even through difficult times and that they would be able to become an example for other couples around them. Finally, pray that this family is able to encounter more and more love from each other and from God.

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