Not by Power, Not by Might, but by the Spirit of Almighty God!


Chai Lings Second Letter to the Church


Regarding the Rape Allegation Against Yuan Zhi Ming

Not by Power, Not by Might, but by the Spirit of Almighty God


Dear Brothers and Sisters, Elders and Pastors in Christ,


Peace to you in Christ and Happy New Year!


I am sending you a follow-up letter to report how things are progressing currently. There are six segments to this letter: thanksgiving, sharing, prayer requests, questions and answers, God’s armor, and a letter from my American church’s leaders.


A. Thank you all!

First, I would like to thank Mr. Cao Changqing for publishing my first open letter on his website. Since then, I have received support and prayer reinforcement from people in both the U.S. and overseas. I am especially grateful for the open letter from the 13 Chinese pastors who support an investigation into the rape allegation. This has brought comfort and healing to me. It helps me to regain faith in seeing the Chinese church being purified by the Holy Spirit. I have come to see more of God’s work and what He has prepared for us.


 When I was alone in the dark, unable to see the light ahead of me, God comforted me through 1 Kings 19:18.


18 Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israelall whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and whose mouths have not kissed him.


Because of this, I wholeheartedly give thanks to you in Jesus! Once again, I give thanks to Jesus who redeemed my sins by His death and Abba Father who loves the world. May God continue to raise up His seven thousand!


B. Sharing:


Attached is the letter from my community church in Massachusetts, in hope that the brave ones of the Chinese church will be encouraged.


For those who are victims of sexual violence, I have found a U.S. organization called Rainn:; hotline: 888-656-HOPE. This organization provides free consultation in hopes that women will not be in despair from their pain or take their own lives. Light and justice will soon come to them.


Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. (James 1:17) Thank Jesus!


A report from Rainn and presented to President Obama states that 3% of men commit 90% of sexual crimes. Currently, it is more common for women in college to become victims of sexual violence than those who decided not to pursue a college education. What God is indicating from these statistics is this: If someone is confirmed to be a sexual perpetrator, there is a 90% chance that he could be a serial rapist.


Exposure of sexual crimes can prevent others from becoming victims. God has also given us a vision to start a website ( to provide confidential ways to encourage victims and encourage reports of rapists to capture them speedily. If God is moving on your heart, please contact us:


I’d like to share a testimony.


God said, But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. (Matthew 6:33) 


Part of our ministry is to educate people in China that life begins at pregnancy. We encourage people to stop from getting an abortion. There was a non-believing woman who became pregnant out of wedlock. After hearing the “Choose Life” message, she decided to keep her baby. Although her boyfriend at the time did not help her, she, through the help of brothers and sisters in church, came to the Lord and was baptized. Despite her challenging circumstances, she gave birth to her child and gave her baby up for adoption. She was devastated. However, some time afterwards, God wonderfully moved in the heart of a brother from church and he fell in love with her. Within a month after she gave her child up, he proposed to her. Now they are happily married and she is expecting their child. How do I know her story? She and her husband are coworkers in our ministry. Their testimony is authentic and true. 


If you are a victim of a sexual crime, please consider sharing your testimony. Though it may bring you pain and challenges at first, you will be remembered by God for your courage and He will bless you greatly! Please contact us at:


Regardless of how the sexual crime occurred, it is never the victim’s fault! Victims do not have to lock themselves up in a prison of shame because of the sins of the perpetrators. When you step out from secret, you will experience the lightness and wonder of freedom.


1 John 1:5-6: God is light; in Him there is no darkness at all. If we claim to have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live out the truth.


There is a book entitled Surrendering the Secret: Healing the Heartbreak of Abortion; it may be a helpful resource.


Dearest sisters who are victims of sexual crimes, no matter where you are, we pray blessings over you.  May God heal you and restore your life speedily, your youth, you family, and all!  I will write to you about my healing journey and redemption with God in the near future.


C. Please keep praying for the following:

We sent out a letter to China Soul’s board of directors on December 20th, 2014, and as yet have not heard from them. Our request was simple: to begin investigating the rape allegation and ask Yuan Zhi Ming to choose from these two choices:


1. Admit to Chai Ling’s rape allegation and apologize to her publicly. Also apologize to any other women he has raped in the past. He should apologize and repent both publicly and privately.




2. Publicly deny Chai Ling’s accusation and guarantee that he will take the polygraph test to clear his name.


The truth is very simple and it is not complex.


If Yuan Zhi Ming can pass the polygraph test, we request to establish a council to investigate this matter.


Please continue to pay attention and pray for this!


D. Questions and Answers

I came across some questions regarding this allegation. So I will try to answer some of the frequently asked questions in the following:


            Q: Is Chai Lings allegation true?

A: It is true that I was raped by Yuan Zhi Ming. He still has not repented or apologized sincerely even until today. I would never risk losing my eternal life by falsely accusing my neighbor.


Q: Will people who have come to the Lord through Yuan Zhi Ming stumble because of Chai Lings disclosure?

A: I have stumbled before in my faith as well. It was painful. Yet through experiences like that I came to truly know the Lord, that Jesus is the One whom I follow. Jesus is the only Way, the Truth, and the Life. Those who have led us to Christ are not Jesus and they can sin. We cannot see man as the equivalent of God.


From the Ten Commandments:

2 I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. 3 You shall have no other gods before me. 4 You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. 5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, 6 but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.


Only Jesus went to the cross for us. He did it because He is jealously and truly in love with us. He did it so we would not be misled by anyone else who is not God and that we might not lose the true, abundant and eternal life that only God can provide.


God used trials to shape and disciple me. From 2012 to 2014, God called away every one of my coworkers. None of them stayed (half of them were sent to the Middle East and other places as missionaries). At the same time, my board of directors would not allow me to close down the ministry. (The mission of All Girls Allowed - In Jesus Name, Simply Love Her is to uncover the injustice of China’s One-Child Policy and to restore the God-given life, value, and dignity of women and little girls.) 2014 also marked the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre. Many more assignments kept pressing me. Yet God helped me to focus and rely on Him alone until all my doubts, complaints, and unbelief were stripped away so that I could praise Him, even as Job praised from his heart:


Naked I came from my mothers womb, and naked I will depart. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised. (Job 1:21)


Through these trials God taught me to build up a faith that only depends on God, not on anyone else in order to prepare me for the work that He wants me to do. (Psalm 146)


God also taught me to humble myself to pray and ask Him for things I cannot do myself. God will raise up strangers to help us. In May 2014, God raised up from the U.S. Congress both the Republican and Democratic parties to stand in unity to support human rights in China. This is unprecedented in the past twenty years. (See the video on All these came forth through prayer because I did not have any staff who could connect us with Washington D. C.


God is faithful! Praise God!


Q: Chai Lings request to investigate is unimportant compared to the many souls saved through Yuan Zhi Mings Heavenly Song Crusade.

A: Yuan Zhi Ming still would not answer two of my simple requests: admit the rape or go through a polygraph test. Such action is unbiblical: Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you. Leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to your brother; then come and offer your gift. (Matthew 5:23)


There is a book entitled Counterfeit God by Tim Keller and a DVD teaching series called Gods at War. These books have been helpful for my spiritual growth. We should never idolize or worship fame, money, power, or ministries as we worship God. God does not delight in ministries that do evil things to reach their goals. No matter how noble the cause may be, even things like evangelizing or leading people to eternal life, we should apply biblical principles and teachings in our methods. The cause and method are equally important. Jesus’ teaching is the only way. Quoting from Hudson Taylor’s, “God’s work, God’s way. It will surely come to pass.” I hope this is helpful for you.


I am not speaking without having taken any action. God has disciplined me harshly before. In 2010, six months after I came to the Lord and responded to God’s call to establish All Girls Allowed, due to the urgency felt to save baby girls, we decided to partner with a non-Christian. She kept hindering us from sharing God’s message and saving these precious lives in Jesus’ name.  As a result, we ended up getting robbed, cheated, and found ourselves ambushed by a lawsuit. I asked God why, and one morning, in April 2012, I woke up to this scripture, Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. (Matthew 4:4) Immediately, I knew this was the discipline of the Lord!


Even from an outsider’s perspective, there have been many miracles in our ministry:

•       Prayer in US resulted in a Chinese mother being released from prison within 48 hours.

•       A kidnapped and trafficked child was reunited with her family during China’s President’s visit to the U.S.

•       After we testified about the One-Child Policy at the U.S. Senate during its anniversary, a relative of our co-worker woke up from a coma after spending several months in the hospital. The relative was able to walk and talk – a resurrection-like experience.


However, God’s Word showed us that He did not delight in our methods. We repented and put the ministry on the altar when it was most needed. Even though God said He would end the One-Child Policy in 2012, we closed the ministry and let go of all our coworkers with generous severance packages. Only one co-worker returned. We had a fresh start with the ministry and with the principle of “In Jesus’ name, simply love her”. We no longer provided food and did relief work in China. Whatever we did and the method we used, we would do so by following Jesus’ teaching, step by step. Throughout this journey, we experienced Jesus’ protection, intimacy and deep love for us in many ways. We continue to pray that the Lord will have mercy on us and teach us!


I sensed that Jesus not only cares about our ministry, but even more about our obedience in ministry. Through our ministry we are refined by His requests. Gradually, we became a pure and spotless bride before Him!


The father of faith, Abraham, experienced great trials. He finally had the son who God had promised to him 25 years earlier, not only just a child but also a vessel to all of God’s promises. God had said, “My promises will come through this child.” But when God asked him to sacrifice his son, Abraham also chose to obey god. God did not want Abraham’s son but his heart. Afterward, the angel said, “Now I know you fear God…”


We are all familiar with the blessings that the Lord gave to Abraham from Genesis 22:16-18.


16 I swear by myself, declares the Lord, that because you have done this and have not withheld your son, your only son, 17 I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore. Your descendants will take possession of the cities of their enemies, 18 and through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed, because you have obeyed me.


What I have received from this is that God delights when we do ministry in God-fearing ways. He does not delight in how we use His name in vain and stray from His teachings as we do His work. To be blunt, it is rebellion against God when people use excuses to disobey His teachings and commands. We are fully aware of the end of Saul who chose to rebel against God!


Does the Lord delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the Lord? To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams. (1 Samuel 15:22)


God is faithful! He tested us and we did not want our only son – what our hearts desire the most —but instead He gave us His only begotten Son. We shall not and will not trade the precious Jesus He has given to us for any false god!


E. Putting on Gods armor daily through prayer:

This is not only a matter between Yuan Zhi Ming and me. Neither is it something from the past. It is a fierce spiritual battle to establish a pure and holy church. God is with us and He fights for His church. In the Bible, He teaches us to put on the armor of God when engaging in spiritual warfare and to stand firm. The following is the daily prayer that God has given to us. We are putting on the armor of God through prayer for pastors, friends, families and ministries who choose to stand up. We also pray for Yuan Zhi Ming, his board of directors, and the elders to put on the armor of God!


Prayer to put on the armor of God

(It is best to pray aloud. Declare these words through your mouth because we have received His promise of life, and the good medicine for the healing of our whole body. Every word we speak can build and can destroy as well!)


Good morning Father! Good morning Jesus! Good morning Holy Spirit!

Romans 12:1               Heavenly Father, according to Your Word, I present my body a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable in Your sight.

Ephesians 6:14-17      Now Father I gird my loins about with Truth, I put on the breastplate of righteousness. I shod my feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace. Above all, I take the shield of faith wherewith I shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And I take the helmet of salvation, and sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.

Isaiah 58:5                   And according to Your Word, the glory of the Lord is my rear guard.

Isaiah 61:3                   Now Heavenly Father I put on of praise, and I thank You for the armor You have provided for me to dress in this day. I am completely covered now! In the name of Jesus, according to Your Word, Father.

Matthew 16:18           Upon Jesus I have built my life, my home, and my marriage, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against them, in the name of Jesus.

Psalm 23:1                  You are my Shepherd, I shall not want.

Philippians 4:19          For You have supplied all my needs according to Your riches in glory, and I do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

2 Corinthians 10:5      I cast down all imaginations and bring into captivity every evil thought,

1 Peter 5:7                   and I cast all care upon You, for You care for me.

Psalm 103:3                I praise You that I walk in divine health,

Isaiah 53:5                   For You are my God who heals all my diseases, and by Your stripes I am healed!!

3 John 2                      I just praise and thank You for my prosperity and good health, even as my soul prospers.

Nehemiah 8:10            For the joy of the Lord is my strength.

Jeremiah 1:12              Father I have prayed according to Your Word, and You have said, You would watch over Your Word to perform it.


Abba Father, we rise up from Your holy temple and to live out Your power in our lives. For we are yours. In Jesus’ name, amen!


Prayer of Jesus Warrior


Dear Abba Father, your warrior is ready for the battle. Today, through putting on the armor of God, we declare we have defeated Satan in victory!

We stand firm with the belt of truth buckled around our waists. So that we will not be the victims of Satan’s lies.

We put on the breastplate of righteousness, so we will not have evil in our hearts, keeping ourselves holy and pure under the protection of the blood of Jesus Christ.

We put the gospel of peace on our feet so we may stand firm in the blessings of Your gospel so that the peace of God may come through us to shine on all who see us.

We take up the shield of faith to distinguish all the lies and doubts from the evil one.

We put on the helmet of salvation that we may focus our eyes on You and leave no chance for Satan to occupy our thoughts.

We take up the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God as a sharp double-edged sword in our hand so we can uncover Satan’s seducing lies.

Through our faith in You Lord, your warrior has put on the armor of God. We are prepared to have great victory and have a joyful day!










亲爱的主内兄弟姐妹,长老, 牧师们,




再次跟您们公开信来报告事情的进展。我的信有六个部分:感谢, 分享,代祷,解惑, 神的盔甲和附信。



A.    感谢您们!


首先我很感谢曹长青先生的网站再发表了我的第一份公开信。 我因此收到从国内, 国外的一些支持, 祷告,尤其是13位牧师支持调查的公开信。这对我有很大的安慰和医治, 也让我对中国教会的圣洁开始恢复信心!更多的看到神的工作和预备。当我最孤独一人在黑暗中看不到亮光时,神曾安慰我:“但我在以色列人中留下七千人,他們全是未曾向巴力屈過膝的,也未曾與巴力親過嘴的。”  (列王上记 19:18)为此, 我在耶稣里为您们献上衷心的感恩!再次感谢为我的罪而死把我赎回来的耶稣, 感谢爱世人的阿爸天父!愿神继续兴起他的这七千人!



B.     分享:


我付上我们麻省的耶稣教会社区的信, 希望中国教会的勇敢者也受鼓舞!


对曾受过性强暴的妇女儿童,我也刚调查到,美国有个组织; 热线:888 656 HOPE。 他们可以提供免费咨询。希望姐妹们不要在痛苦中绝望,寻短见。光明公义即将到来。


“各樣美好的賞賜,各樣完備的恩賜,都是從上面、從眾光之父降下來的。” (雅各书 1:17)感谢耶稣!


从 给奥巴马的关于终止校园性强暴的报告中, 看到:3%的男人做90%的性强暴。现在上大学的女孩子遭受性强暴的机率比不上大学的机率高。神给我们解读这个统计的意思是:如果一个男人被肯定是有犯性强暴, 那他90%的可能是个连续的性强暴犯 (serial  rapist)。公开本身就是保护其他的人不再成为受害者。神也在祷告中给了我们建立一个数据网站的感动, 提供一个很隐秘的方式来鼓励受害者报告性强暴者, 加速他们的早日归案!如果神给您感动,请跟我们联络


分享一个见证: 神说, “你們要先求他的國和他的義,這一切都必加給你們。” (马太福音 6:33) 我们的事工在中国讲解生命是从受孕开始, 鼓励不要堕胎。一位未信主的姐妹被男朋友给怀孕,她听到后, 决定不堕掉孩子。虽然他的男朋友没有帮助她, 但在教会的兄弟姐妹的帮助下,她也信了主, 受洗,依然决然地把孩子生下,给人寄养,她确实哭得不得了。但是 神奇妙地感动了教会里的一位弟兄爱上了她,她把孩子寄养了不到一个月就 跟她求婚。 他们现在美满结婚, 如今她正幸福地等待着她跟丈夫的小宝宝出生。我为什麽知道她的故事哪, 因为他们夫妻是我们现在事工的同工。他们的故事见证是真的。


如果您是位性强暴的受害者,您的举报, 不管会给您短时带来多少磨难,神一定会纪念您的勇敢, 大大赐福给您!(


无论性强暴是怎样发生的,都不是受害者的罪!受害者没有必要为施暴者的罪行把自己禁锢在羞耻的监狱中。当您从秘密中走出时, 您会感到自由的完全轻松和美好。


约翰一书 1:5-6: “神是光,在他裡面毫無黑暗;這就是我們從他那裡聽見,現在傳給你們的信息。 我們若說自己與他彼此相通,卻行在黑暗裡,就是說謊話,不實行真理了。” 有本书,“秘密全交托” (“Surrendering Secret Healing Heartbreak”)也许会有帮助。


受害的姐妹们, 无论您们在哪里, 我们都为您们祝福祷告。愿神早日医治恢复您们的生命,青春, 家庭,一切!我会下次给您们信, 把神给我的医治和赎回给您介绍。



C.    请继续代祷:


我们在2014年12月20日给“神州”董事们寄去的挂号信,至今还没有得到回应。我们对他们的要求很简单:调查这事, 要求远志明做下面的两个选择:


  • 要么承认柴玲的指控, 公开道歉,并坦白除柴玲以外的其她的受害者, 也向她们私下和公开道歉;如果远志明还在继续性暴力,他应该立即停止, 公开认罪, 忏悔, 等;


  • 要么公开否认柴玲的指控, 并保证会用测谎的方式证明他的清白;


真理真相很简单, 不复杂!







D.    解惑:




  • “柴玲的指控是真的吗?”




  • “柴玲的揭露是否会让很多因受远志明信主的人跌倒?”


我也曾被跌倒过。是很痛苦。但是神通过这样的事件让我更深地认识他,让我知道:我跟随的是耶稣。唯有耶稣才是道路, 真理, 生命。即使带我们信主的人也不是耶稣, 也会犯罪。我们不能把人当神来对待。


十诫里说,“我是耶和華你的 神,曾經把你從埃及地,從為奴之家領出來。除我以外,你不可有別的神。不可為自己做偶像,也不可做天上、地下和地底下水中各物的形象。 不可跪拜它們,也不可事奉它們,因為我耶和華你們的 神是忌邪的 神;恨惡我的,我必追討他們的罪,從父親到兒子,直到三四代。愛我和遵守我誡命的,我必向他們施慈愛,直到千代。”


只有耶稣才为我们上了十字架。 耶稣这样做, 是因他很嫉妒地真正地爱着我们。让我们不被任何不是神的带领带跑, 以致失去我们只能从神那里来的真正的丰盛生命和永生。


神对我的试炼也是很严格的。从2012年到2014年初,神把我本来很小的同工团契全部叫走,一个也不剩, (一半的同工被派到中东和其他地方去传福音)。同时董事们也绝对不允许我终止事工(女童之声事工的使命:以耶稣的名单单地爱她,揭示独生子女政策的不公,恢复女孩和母亲的天赋生命,价值和尊严),2014 年也正好是天安门屠杀25周年纪念年,更多的任务压上来。神让我专心依靠他。直到磨掉我所有的困扰,怨言,不信,让我能从心里发出像约伯一样的赞美:





耶和華的名是應當稱頌的。” (约伯记 1:21)


神通过这样的磨练教我建立起“只靠神,不靠任何人”的信心来预备他要我做的工作 (诗篇146)。


神也教我,自己做不到的事就谦卑祷告跟神求。神就兴起陌生人来帮助我们,结果在2014年5月,神兴起美国众议院共和党和民主党共同一致的站起来支持中国的人权工作, 这是二十几年来未有的。(录像在此:这完全是从祷告中得来的。我当时根本就没有联络华府的同工。




  • “柴玲的要求调查与远志明的 ‘天歌’布道会导致很多人信主相比,是不重要的。是可以置之不理的。”


远志明本人至今不肯回答我对他的两个很简单的要求: 承认或测谎。这样做是不符合圣经原则的: “所以你在祭壇上獻供物的時候,如果在那裡想起你的弟兄對你不滿,就當在壇前放下供物,先去與弟兄和好,然後才來獻你的供物。” (马太福音 5:23)


有一本书:“冒牌神” (“Counterfeit Gods”; Author: Tim Keller)




它们对我的属灵成长很有帮助。我们一定不能把名誉,金钱,权力,事工等作为像神一样的偶像来崇拜。为达到目的, 不择手段的事工是不得神喜悦的。不管什麽样高贵的目的, 甚至是像传福音,帮助人得救生一样重要的目的, 如何实现这个目的的手段也必须符合圣经的教导。目的跟手段是同样重要的。只有耶稣的教导才是可行的道路方式。像戴德生说过的:神的工作, 以神的方式, 一定会成就的。 希望对您们也有帮助。


我不是站着说话不腰疼。神也是这样很严厉地管教过我的。我从2010年六个月信主后应主呼召创立 (中文网站:。 我们救孩子心切, 跟一位不太信主的人合作, 她事事阻挠我们在救人同时, 也给耶稣的名和话语。导致我们事工被骗,被盗, 被官司攻击。问神为什麽, 神在2012年四月的一个早上半睡半醒时给我话语,“人活著,不是單靠食物,更要靠 神口裡所出的一切話。”(马太福音4:4)我立即知道这是神的管教!

虽然我们那时事工从人看来, 常有神迹: 

  • 在美国祷告,中国母亲从监狱在48小时内被放出;

  • 被拐卖的孩子在祷告后在中国主席访美时被团聚; 

  • 同工的亲戚在医院里休克昏迷几个月后, 在我们祷告后在我们在国会做“一胎化”见证的纪念日里突然醒来, 并能走路,讲话---近乎起死回生;


但是神的话语似乎并不完全高兴我们做的方式。即使2012年是神说他要结束中国的一胎化政策的一年。我们也痛心悔改,在最需要事工的时候把原先的事工放在祭坛上, 关掉了。把所有的同工都给额外的解雇费解雇了。只有一个同工回来了。即使这样从新开始---以“以耶稣的爱, 单单地爱她”为事工宗旨, 从来不再只做给食物,给营救的事, 任何事, 做的方式都按耶稣的教导步步来做。这样走下来, 我们处处经历耶稣的保守,亲密和大爱!继续天天请神怜悯, 指导!


我感到耶稣并不只在乎我们的事工, 他在乎的是我们顺服敢于事工, 但他更在乎得着通过事工试炼看他的要求而逐渐完美无瑕的我们来做他的新娘!


我们的信心之父阿伯拉罕也经历过更大的试炼。他经过25年才得来的孩子,不只是个孩子, 也是实现所有神许诺的器皿, 因为神亲自说:通过这个孩子才能实现神的应许。  但是当神要他把孩子献上, 阿伯拉罕也选择顺服神。神没有要他的儿子, 但是要到了他的心。之后天使说,“。。。現在我知道你是敬畏 神的。。。”


我们也都熟悉耶和华因此给阿伯拉罕的祝福: “我指著自己起誓,你既然作了這事,沒有留下你的兒子、你的獨生子,我必定賜福給你,必使你的後裔繁多,像天上的星,海邊的沙;你的後裔必佔領仇敵的城門。地上萬國都要因你的後裔得福,因為你聽從了我的話。” (创世纪22:16-18)








聽命勝過公羊的脂油。(撒母耳记上 15:22)


神是诚信的!他试炼了我们没有要我们的独生子---心中最爱的, 但是他却给了我们他自己的独生子!我们一定不要把他给我们的宝贝耶稣丢掉, 换上各种冒牌神!



E.    天天通过祷告穿上神的盔甲:


这不只是远志明跟我个人之间的事。更不是已经过去的事了。建立圣洁教会是一场激烈的属灵争战!但是神跟我们在一起。他会为他的教会争战的。圣经里教我们在跟属灵争战时, 要穿上神的装甲, 才站稳!这下面是神赐给我们的每天祷告。我们为每位站出来的牧师,朋友,为他们本人,家人和事工用祷告来穿上神的盔甲。也为远志明, 他的董事长老们穿上神的盔甲。跟您们分享!




(大声祈祷最好。通过你们的嘴唇来宣告这些话语。 因为得 着 神的许诺 , 就得了生命,又得了医全体的良药。每说出的话语,既能造就,又能摧毁!)























































F.    柴玲教会社区的信附件








我们在美国麻省的耶稣教会社区给您们写信来支持我们的主内姊妹柴玲。我们的信是写给您们在加州的远志明的教会社区的。我们是按照我们的主耶稣基督在马太福音18:15-17中的教导做的。柴玲跟我们报告了一起很严重的她被远志明性强暴的事件。付上她的报告。我们请求您们在加州的跟远志明有联络的耶稣社团来调查这件严重的事件。并以电邮或电话的方式来告诉我们您们调查的结果。我们支持柴玲追求真相,公正和悔改的愿望。我们知道耶稣到世上是来安慰受伤害的, 他教导我们来帮助我们中间心灵破碎的人。


据柴玲说,在过去的三年里,柴玲一直在试图跟远志明联络, 希望能够看到远志明的悔改, 和对这件事的了结。柴玲三年前跟远志明首次面对这件事, 远居然否认。柴玲然后在两位牧师的见证下在波士顿跟远志明对质,远继续否认柴玲说的性强暴,并跟两位牧师说他自己的版本。柴玲建议两位都做测谎来证明各自的版本。可是远志明不肯做。


在这之后柴玲自己找到测谎专家,她的测谎结果证明了她对24年前在普林斯顿被远志明性强暴的见证是真实的。帮助柴玲安排这个测谎的律师的 证明信付上。我们还付上柴玲的丈夫的关于如何正确对待性强暴的公开信。我们一致认为, 作为基督徒我们有责任寻求真相, 我们不能在困境中袖手旁观不做反应。


因此,我们恭敬地请求您们调查这件事, 并把调查的结果告诉我们。我们特别地要求您们请远志明做测谎来证明他说的真实性。否则, 如果他同意柴玲说的是真的话,请您们要求他对柴玲给予个人和公开的为他在未信主前做的这件罪恶的事件道歉认罪。如果他选择对柴玲的性强暴认罪的话,我们也要求您们来调查他是否还有其她的类似的案例需要道歉认罪的。


在此, 我们对您们迅速的关注致以事先的感谢。 并希望您们告诉我们您们准备如何处理这事的决定。








Tom: 柴玲的长老








A letter from Ling Chai’s Church Community



To: Mr. Wen-Jai Hsieh

P.O. Box 1600

Rohnert Park, CA 94927

TEL: 707-585-9588


December 19th, 2014


Dear Mr. Wen-Jai Hsieh, Yi-An Liu, David Chyan, Stanley T Wang, and Chikong Shue:


We write to you in support of our church community member Ling Chai as a community of Christian believers in Massachusetts. We write to you as a community of Christian believers in California in community with Yuan Zhiming. We write to you in accordance with the commandment of the Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 18:15-17. Ling has come to us with a serious matter involving her sexual assault by Mr. Zhiming. Here below is what she has reported to us. We ask that you as a community of believers in contact with Mr. Zhiming in California investigate these serious allegations and respond to us at the emails above and call us by phone directly to Bob Maginn via his number above. We support Ling in her desire for truth, justice and repentance. We know that Jesus comes to comfort those who suffer and calls us as a church community following Jesus to gather around and help to heal the broken hearted in our congregation.


According to Ling’s account, and as you may know, Ling has over the last 3 years been in contact with Mr. Zhiming to bring about his repentance and resolution of this incident. Ling first confronted him about this rape 3 years ago. He denied it. Ling then contacted church pastors who knew him and held a joint meeting with 2 pastors and Mr. Zhiming in Boston. He continued to deny her account of the rape and presented his own story to these pastors. Ling asked Mr. Zhiming to join her in taking a polygraph lie detector test as a way to verify who was telling the truth. He apparently did not want to do that.


Subsequent to that meeting, Ling took her own polygraph lie detector test to verify that she is telling the truth in her account of Yuan Zhiming’s rape of her at her home in Princeton, New Jersey 24 years ago. A letter from her lawyer who arranged this polygraph test is enclosed. We have also enclosed a public letter written by Ling’s husband giving his testimony on the subject of rape and his view of the right response. We agree that as Christian leaders we have a responsibility to seek the truth and respond not hide from these difficult situations.  


We respectfully request that you investigate this matter and respond to us with your findings. Specifically, we request that you ask Mr. Zhiming to submit to a polygraph test to demonstrate the truthfulness of his account. Alternatively, if he agrees that Ling’s account is truthful that you ask him to repent and apologize personally and publicly to Ling for an evil and illegal act committed before he was a recognized Christian. Finally, in the event he chooses to repent of Ling’s reported and verified rape, we request that you in turn verify if there are any others he sexual assaulted to whom he should repent and apologize.


We thank you for your immediate attention to this matter and request you inform us of your decision on what actions you will take. We seek unity in the church in a bond of love and we know the Lord will want us to work together to resolve this matter as He has commanded in Matthew 18.


In support of Ling Chai this letter is sent by:

Ling’s Husband - Bob Maginn

Ling’s Pastor - Bryan Wilkerson

Ling’s Elder - Tom Colatosti

Ling’s Church Life Group Leader - Deborah Kwolek

Ling’s Board Member of All Girls Allowed- Micheal Flaherty

Members of Ling’s Church community and friends of Ling







2014 年12月16日




我是柴玲的律师。在柴玲的要求下, 我安排了她接受测谎测试来确定她对远志明在1990年在普林斯顿对她的性强暴指控的准确性。




在对测谎的数据结果分析后, 测谎检查员的结论是柴玲对被远志明性强暴的声明没有任何撒谎的反应。




William Gardiner 律师






我们不靠权势, 不靠能力, 专靠耶和华的灵, 我们相信并宣告:神的国已开始降临, 行在地上就像行在天上一样!祝福耶和华!以耶稣的名祷告, 阿门!




All Girls Allowed---In Jesus’ Name Simply Love Her

101 Huntington Avenue, Suite 2205  |  Boston, MA 02199

office: 617.492.9099 x241 | fax: 617.492.9081




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