Enter into the Promised Land

“Enter into the Promised Land”

Chai Ling’s sixth letter to the Church regarding Yuan Zhi Ming

March 8, 2015


Dear Brothers and Sisters, Elders, and Pastors in Christ,


May God’s peace be with you!


I am extremely thankful for your prayers and support, and for the courageous actions of the 18 Chinese pastors’ who are conducting the investigation.


In order to resolve this incident, the rape in 1990 by Yuan Zhi Ming, I have obeyed Jesus’s teaching in Matthew 18:15-17. It has been a 40-month journey, starting from October 2011 to February 2015. I thank the Lord for Jesus’ words and for His church – the long journey of Matthew 18:15-17 is finally accomplished.  From confronting Yuan privately, meeting him with several witnesses, to telling the truth to the church, Jesus’s words were trustworthy and the process of following the teaching was a success. Even though some people intended to distort the truth, God and His church still won the battle.


Matthew 18: 15-17 Dealing With Sin in the Church


“If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over. But if they will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.’ If they still refuse to listen, tell it to the church; and if they refuse to listen even to the church, treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector.”


In the past 40 mouths, I have had to pay the price and have done many things (please refer to the appendix). On June 24 of last year, I was ill, but I still chose to meet with Yuan. That was only because I believe that every servant of God is God’s great work, and I was doing my best to please my heavenly Father’s heart and restore a brother in Christ. However, until today, Yuan still refuses to follow the instructions made by the investigation committee, organized by 18 Chinese pastors. Yuan has denied all the crimes he has done, even after the truth has been revealed. This is just as Jesus said in Matthew: “They refuse to listen even to the church.” So what was my next step? It is clearly written in Bible – I should treat him as a pagan, an unbeliever. Therefore, the teaching in 1 Corinthians Chapter 6, regarding the proper way to deal with lawsuits among believers, is no longer applicable.


When Sister J initially wanted me to tell Yuan that I have forgiven him, I simply thought that Yuan, as a follower of Jesus Christ, had already admitted and repented all his crimes before the Lord. Everything would become history after his repentance and our reconciliation. However, I was wrong. The reality was that Yuan kept lying, even when he was in front of witnesses. Therefore, it was no longer an incident just between Chai Ling and Yuan Zhi Ming. Now, Yuan must confront 4 victims and 12 witnesses. These sexual assault incidents, involving Yuan, happened in three different countries in the past 24 years. The victims did not know each other, but the investigation report clearly reveals his modus operandi. So, whose words are more creditable to you? Would you trust the denial of Yuan, one man, or the testimonies of 4 victims and 12 witnesses? It is common for repeat offenders to make up one lie after another. However, some experts believe that when Yuan choose to lie like this, he became a dangerous figure to churches as well as to society. 


For the safety of churches and society, I decided to report the rape to the police. The reason I did not report it immediately in 1990 was because I intended to protect the reputation of Tiananmen Movement. I hoped the movement would continue, for a free China and for the families of victims of the movement. However, when looking back, I realize I was wrong. My decision not to report it as soon as it happened was a mistake. I ask God and the general public for forgiveness, especially those who were harmed by Yuan after me. Please forgive my mistaken decision. Today, in Jesus, I understand that He is the only one who can bring China to freedom, truth, and life. I could not use my own standards and methods to accomplish God’s righteousness. 


Towards the end of 2012, I learned that sexual abusers are often repeat offenders. Once realizing this, I began to do everything in my power to confront the rape incident through the basis of Biblical teaching. In the midst of progress, much was delayed because of Sister J, who told me, “Wait upon the Lord as He will surely resolve everything. God’s way is better than yours, so do nothing and quietly wait upon the Lord.” This kind of teaching was very wrong. Until now, I have been blamed for publishing these letters. I believe that the right verse that is applicable to this situation is “Have nothing to do with fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them” (Ephesians 5:11). We have to leave behind the face-saving Chinese culture. We have to ask ourselves: If we cover each other’s sins to save face or pride, then do we live on our own righteousness or God’s? For people who live on their own righteousness, do they love God or are they against God? One day, we will to reveal everything before God.


After reporting to the police, I will post the report number to my letter. I do encourage more victims, who were assaulted by Yuan, to report his criminal acts to the police. Initially, I chose to follow Jesus’s teaching in Matthew because I hoped to restore a brother in Christ. However, after all the procedures were completed, that hope no longer exists. Thus, for the victims who were assaulted by Yuan, you do not need to follow the steps mentioned in Matthew. You may go ahead and report his criminal acts.


For victims of sexual abuse, people would usually also suffer from institutional abuse, when reporting their cases. What I had been suffered for months was spiritual abuse – I will explain more about that in detail in my next letter. However, no matter what I have experienced, God knows everything!


After the difficult 40 months, we have finally entered into the promised land of God! Great thanks to Jesus Christ!


Appendix: Chai Ling’s past 40 month procedures, following Matthew 18:15-17, to resolve the incident of rape by Yuan Zhi Ming


  • 2011 October to November – After I forgave Yuan, Sister J wanted me to tell Yuan so. However, over a telephone conversation, Yuan threated me not to reveal the rape incident and told me that he did not need to confess and repent his crimes because he was a new creation in Christ. My heart was disturbed because of the conversation. 
  • 2012 February to March – I was greatly touched by seeing “a cross” in a vision. After that, I tried to forget what is behind and strain toward what is ahead, by reading numerous books and watching DVDs. I was also working hard to terminate the One-Child Policy. 
  • 2012 November 29 to early December – God still wanted me to confront the rape incident by Yuan. God brought me back to a painful memory and I was deeply healed. He also made me realize that this incident was not and should not be buried.
  • 2012 Early December – I told Pastor Shu that Yuan raped me. She shared her own experience with me and wanted me to pray and wait upon God.
  • 2012 Early December – I made a phone call to Pastor Zhang Po Li with a purpose of helping a spiritual sister, who suffered from sexual assault. Pastor Zhang suggested I not get involved, as this would require a lot of effort and energy. He also told me that Su Xiao Kang might have more relating information.   
  • 2012 Early December – I phoned Su and asked his opinions on Yuan. All of sudden, Su became furious and wanted me to stop asking him anything about Yuan. He even hung up on me. I was surprised by Su’s reaction. 
  • 2012 December 7 – Jenzabar Foundation released a loan of $250,000 to Pastor Shu’s church with an 8-year period.
  • 2012 December 22 – As per Liu Tong’s request, I spent 7 hours writing a letter, 12-pages long, hoping that Pastor Liu would assist in investigation, repentance, and reconciliation. The letter was given to Pastor Liu though Pastor Shu.
  • 2012 February – I went to California to share my ministry and had an opportunity to meet with Pastor Liu. He clearly refused to investigate the rape incident, and told me that he trusted Yuan, as they were friends. On the flight from the west coast back to Boston, I was in tears.
  • 2013 March – Pastor Shu had a telephone conversation with Yuan, who told Pastor Shu that I was the one to tempt him. Since then, Pastor Shu started to doubt what I said to her.
  • 2013 March – I was shocked after knowing Yuan’s lies. However, Holy Ghost gave me a verse that “Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Several days later, in my spirit, I felt that Jesus was saying, “I am not only the truth of saving lives, I am also the truth of everything.”
  • 2013 April 18 – I published a letter regarding repentance. I briefly mentioned that I was raped but did not indicate the name of the criminal.
  • 2013 May – I received a phone call from Pastor Zhang, who told me that Su phoned him earlier. In that conversation, Su mentioned there was another lady in Paris accusing Yuan of raping her. Pastor Zhang told me that he trusted me. I felt that God seemed to encourage us to reveal the truth. God is good!
  • 2014 June 1 to June 24 – Following Jesus’s teaching in Matthew 18:15-17, I had numerous email conversations with Yuan, who later came to Boston to meet with me.  In Yuan’s email and the conversation with Pastor Yun, it seemed that Yuan was going to confess and apologize for his wrongful acts. However, when we actually met in person, he claimed that the incident was consensual and we had multiple sexual encounters afterwards. I strongly disagreed with his version of the story. I suggested that both of us to take a polygraph in order to find out whose version was true, but Yuan refused to do so. Pastor Shu and Pastor Xu Zhi Qui were there as witnesses, but both of them did not help me or support me. Even Pastor Yun, whom I deeply trusted, was deceived by Yuan’s lies, so I was led to believe Yuan’s lies. Both Yuan and Pastor Shu did not allow my husband to attend that meeting. As I was ill at that time, the meeting was extremely difficult for me. I was deceived, humiliated, and attacked by the other three attendees. However, I still felt that Jesus was with me during the hard time.
  • 2014 June 30 – I had a telephone conversation with Su. (Back to December 2014, Su hung up on me and wanted me to stop asking him to investigate Yuan. Thanks to the Lord that Su was willing to tell the truth after my prayers.) Su told me that there was a Chinese woman from a refugee camp accusing that Yuan had raped her, but Su did not get involved to investigate or to resolve the accusation.
  • 2014 July 13 – I was travelling abroad and sent a memo of the meeting to Yuan, Pastor Shu, and Pastor Yun. I also requested that they forward the memo to Xu and the board of China Soul for Christ Foundation. However, until today, I did not receive a response from any of them.
  • 2014 November 7 – We had a severe conflict with Pastor Shu.
  • 2014 November 14 – My husband and I tried to resolve the conflict with Pastor Shu but did not reach a complete agreement. However, Pastor Shu agreed to resign from her position as a board member of All Girls Allowed. I no longer went to Pastor Shu’s church for Sunday services; she is no longer my pastor.
  • 2014 November 19 – I passed the polygraph; that indicated what I claimed about the rape incident was true.
  • 2014 November 24 – By email, I told Yuan, Pastor Shu, and Pastor Yun that I had passed the polygraph. I also told them that because Yuan was still lying, I had no choice but tell everything to the Church. None of them responded to that email.
  • 2014 November 26 – I emailed a long letter to Pastor Shu, requesting that she correct her false accusations toward us and return the $50,000 to All Girls Allowed. The funds I lent her was to establish a 24/7 prayer center, but now it would be used to help women living in poor conditions in China. Sister Shu did not reply me on this matter. It was not legitimate if the usage of the fund was different from the original agreement.
  • 2014 November 26 – My husband wrote “ The Right Response to Rape”.
  • 2014 November 29 – I emailed out my first letter “It’s always possible to find out the truth; are you willing?” to people in my email contact list. In the letter, I only revealed Yuan’s name and purposely hid the true names of the pastors who had wrongful acts.  By doing so, I hoped these pastors would confess and repent. Pastor Shu received my letter but did not respond to it.
  • 2014 November 24 – I contacted Gospel Herald to reply their request, which happened in May. They wanted me to clarify Yuan’s innocence. They decided not to publish my letter on December 3.
  • 2014 December 4 – We received a letter from Pastor Shu’s church indicating that they will not return the loan from Jenzabar Foundation. That was legitimate, but against Biblical teaching and against the mutual trust we had when the load was released.
  • 2014 December 17 – All Girls Allowed had a year-end annual board meeting.
  • 2014 December 18 – At that night, I entered the rest of God. “Now we have believed entered that rest, just as God has said ‘So I declared on oath in my anger, they shall never enter my rest.’ And yet his works have been finished since the creation of the world.” (Hebrew 4:3)  
  • 2014 December 19 – My church fellowship sent a registered letter to the board of China Soul for Christ Foundation, which Yuan belonged to, and asked them to investigate the rape incident. However, we did not receive any response until now.
  • 2014 December 19 – At 12:37 am, Cao Chang Qing emailed me and wanted me to publish my letters. After hours of prayers, I finally agreed with his suggestions to reveal the names of Liu Tong, Jocelyn Shu, and Xu Zhi Qui (some people thought as Xu Yong Hai) for not covering their wrongful acts. 
  • 2014 December 31 – I was misunderstood and blamed by pastors, who assisted Yuan to organize “Heavenly Song” in Spain. After further communication, they seemed to understand my situation. However, until 2015 January 8, their elders still chose not to tell if they confronted the incident with Yuan or what Yuan’s response was.
  • 2014 December – On Yuan’s Facebook page, Yuan refused to answer any questions but only marketed his DVDs.
  • 2015 January 1 – I was on vacation and saw the letter published by 13 pastors. Thanks to Jesus!
  • 2015 January 9 – I emailed Wang Yong Xin, who was a committee member for Yuan’s ordination, to investigate the rape incident, but I did not receive a response until now. 
  • 2015 January 9 – I published the second letter to the Church: “Not by Power, Not by Might, but by the Spirit of Almighty God.”
  • 2015 January 12 and 13 – Xu and Shu released their versions of the memo of the meeting. I was slandered and humiliated once again. They did not have the victim’s approval or consent before publishing their memos. This was not only against Biblical principles but also violated two laws: the privacy between pastors and believers and the privacy of the victim. Until today, their versions of the story and their sharp criticisms, which were spread widely online, have deeply hurt my reputation as well as my family. The way Sister Shu dealt with it made me feel as if she was taking an opportunity to retaliate against me. I was greatly saddened. A follower of Jesus, even a pastor, should not have done this.
  • 2015 January 14 – Pastor Liu Tong posted the conversation with a fellowship leader on the Internet. I was treated unfairly again.
  • 2015 January 22 – Behold Magazine published Xu and Shu’s letters on January 12. However, when I requested Behold Magazine to publish my response to their letters on January 22, Behold Magazine not only chose not to do so but also gave my letter to Xu for review. On January 23, Xu phoned me, emailed me, and even had a lawyer to threaten me to stop me from publishing my third letter: “Without God, we have no hope.”  On February 3, Behold Magazine finally replied me saying that they were not going to publish my third letter. (On March 9, the editor of Behold Magazine, Su Zheng Qi Ying, refused to admit any mistake.)
  • 2015 January 27 – I published my fourth letter: “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life’”, including Wan Run Nan’s testimony regarding another victim, Ms. Zhu, who was raped by Yuan in Paris. God is good!
  • 2015 February 10 – Finally, 18 Chinese pastors announced the establishment of a Committee of Investigation and started to investigate the rape incident.
  • 2015 February 18 – My church fellowship published the letter “Let there be Justice” in response to the board of China Soul for Christ Foundation.
  • 2015 February 23 – The 18 Chinese pastors revealed the report of their investigation. On top of Ms. Zhu’s rape incident in Paris in 1989 and my rape incident in Princeton in 1990, the report indicated that there was a third case of misconduct, in Germany, May 2013, and a fourth case of attempted seduction in Paris, September 2013.
  • 2015 February 25 – The board of China Soul for Christ Foundation announced a notice to the Committee of Investigation, threatening litigation. 
  • 2015 February 25-27 – I published a fifth letter to the Church: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” I thanked the 18 Chinese pastors for their investigation and condemned the announcement made by the board of China Soul for Christ Foundation.
  • 2015 February 27 – The headline of the latest issue of Christianity Today, an American medium, reported my accusation of the rape incident by Yuan.
  • 2015 February 28 – China Soul for Christ Foundation announced that Yuan resigned from his position in all services and ministries.
  • 2015 February 28 – Through a lawyer, China Soul for Christ Foundation announced that all future contact must go through the lawyer.
  • 2015 March 2 – Yuan made an announcement and admitted his sexual misconduct but denied all criminal culpability.
  • 2015 March 8 – I published my sixth letter to the Church: “Enter into the promised land.”







2015 年3月8日


亲爱的主内兄弟姐妹,长老, 牧师们,主内平安!


我非常感谢您们的代祷, 支持, 和18位牧者的勇敢调查。




马太福音 18:15-17: 如何挽回弟兄

15 “如果你的弟兄对你犯了罪,你就要去,只在你和他之间责备他。如果他听你的,你就赢得了你的弟兄; 16 如果他不听,你就另外带一个或两个人一起去,为要使“任何事,凭两个或三个见证人的口,才能成立。” 17 如果他不听他们的,就告诉教会;如果他连教会也不听,就应当把他看做像外邦人或税吏一样。


我在这40个月里, 付出了很多代价,走了多少里路 (看附录),甚至在2014年6月24日, 我带病去跟远志明会见,始终是为一个信念,神造一个器皿不容易,个人尽最大努力让阿爸天父的心得到满足,为神挽回一个兄弟。但是走到今天,我们看到的事实是:在18位牧师的调查报告公布之后,远志明对有关“强奸”、“诱奸未遂”、“性侵犯”等指责一概否认;神州也声明“并将在适当时候诉诸法律,提起诉讼。”继续在主内交通的路,完全被远志明和神州协会堵绝了。远志明拒绝听从以18位华人牧师成立的独立调查团,在调查报告公布之后竟然否认一切,这就是“连教会也不听”的表现了。下一步该怎么办哪, 圣经讲的很清楚, 把远志明作为一个“外邦人”一个不信耶稣的人来看。哥林多前书第6章信徒中间不诉讼就不再适合了。


        最初,当J姐妹要我去告诉远志明我已原谅他时,我只是很单纯的以为远志明信主后,对自己的犯罪行为会有忏悔和认识, 道歉承认后, 一切就过去了。没想到,远志明会一步步地继续撒谎,直到今天在众多的证人面前还是在撒谎。这已经不再是柴玲跟远志明的事,而是远志明要面对4个受害者,12个证人,在几个事件跨越24年,在三个国家发生,受害者彼此都不认识,在报告中看到远志明作案的手段都很相似,等等这样的指正。所以我请大家想想,是远志明一个人的否认可信,还是4个受害者,12个证人的报告可信?这样撒谎的行为,对所有的惯犯来说是很普遍的。但是专家认为,当这个人选择这样撒谎的时候,那他对教会和社会,就变得非常危险了。


         为了教会和社会的安全,我决定去警察局对远志明强奸我的事报案。我在1990年事发后做了一个错误的不报案的决定,以为通过牺牲自己这样可以保护天安门运动的声誉。通过天安门运动的继续可以给中国带来自由, 给受害的家人带来安慰。我现在看来, 当时的决定是非常地错误。我请神和大家原谅我。尤其是在后来可能受到远志明伤害的人, 请您们原谅我的错误决定。今天在耶稣里我才知道,只有耶稣是能给中国带来自由的道路,真理,和生命。我不能靠自己的公义标准和方式来成就神的公义。


         在我2012年底了解到这种惯犯的行为后,我就积极地想通过教会和圣经的程序来解决。中间也被周爱玲牧师误导耽误了很多次,说法包括,“要等候神, 神一定会解决的,会做的比你做的更好,你什么也不要做,要静静的等候神。。。” 这样的教导是十分不对的。直到现在还有人责备我为什么发表公开信,正确的经文是这个:11你们不要参与那些属黑暗结不出果子的事,反而要把那些事揭露出来,” 以弗所书 5:11. 我们一定要破除中国文化里的面子客气,我们要跟神问一问,如果我们在罪面前互相包庇,爱面子,彼此遮盖,那是神的公义还是我们自己的公义?靠自己公义生活的人是爱神,还是背叛神?我们都是要到神面前去交帐的。




         对每一个受性强暴的受害者, 除了性暴力之外,在举报时还会受到机构虐待(institutional abuse), 在这里是属灵虐待。我会在下一封信中再写明。但是神是知道一切的。


         无论如何, 经过了痛苦的40个月,今天,我们终于开始进入神的应许之地了!感谢耶稣!



附录:柴玲对远志明强奸,按照马太福音18:15-17 程序为了挽回兄弟走过的40个月的历程


  • 2011年10月到11月, 我饶恕远志明后,J姐妹要我告诉远志明。 但在电话上受到远志明的要我闭口的威胁和圣经误导;说他不需要认罪忏悔因为他在主里是个新造的人;我心里很觉得不对劲;
  • 2012年2月到3月, 我看到“十字架”,受感动, 试图以交换书籍和DVD的方式忘记过去;向标杆奔跑,致力于结束一胎化政策;
  • 2012年11月29日到12月初, 神还是要我彻底面对远志明对我强暴的事,重新回到记忆场景中,神给了我深深的医治,使我认识到这不是,也不应该是个可以埋葬的事;
  • 2012年12月初我告诉了周爱玲牧师远志明对我的强暴,她分享自己的经历让我祷告, 等候神;
  • 2012年12月初我给张伯笠牧师打电话,以为帮助主内姐妹为名,伯笠建议不要管这样的事情,很牵扯精力;但是苏晓康可能了解情况;
  • 2012年12月初我给苏晓康打电话问远志明的情况,苏晓康突然发怒,摔电话,不允许我再跟他调查远志明的事;我很奇怪苏的反应;
  • 2012年12月7日尖子班基金会给周爱玲牧师的教会贷款二十五万美元,8年期限;
  • 2012年12月22日,应刘彤牧师的要求,我从午夜写了7个小时,长达12页的信, 通过周爱玲转给刘彤牧师, 试图请刘彤牧师帮助调查,使远认罪和解;
  • 2013年2月飞到加州去分享事工, 并见刘彤牧师,刘彤牧师冷冷拒绝调查, 并说他相信远志明因为他们是朋友;我从美国西岸5小时流泪而归;
  • 2013年3月周爱玲牧师给远志明通话, 远志明撒谎诬陷说我到他那里去勾引他;让周爱玲牧师开始不相信我;
  • 2013年3月: 听到远的撒谎,我很震惊。圣灵给我一句话,“我是道路,真理, 生命”。几天后感到, 耶稣是说, 我不仅是救生的真理, 我是一切事件的真理;
  • 2014年4月18日,写关于饶恕的公开信,信中提到一句自己被强暴的事,但是没有提强奸犯的人名;
  • 2014年5月,接到张博立牧师的电话, 说苏晓康给他通电话, 说在1989年在巴黎还有一位妇女指控过远志明强奸,说他相信我;God is good. 神似乎在鼓励我们揭露真相;
  • 2014年6月1日到2014年6月24日, 按照马太福音18:15-17程序,通过不断的电邮联络, 远志明来到Boston跟我见面走第二步程序。 远志明在之前给我的电邮和跟云牧师的通话中, 口口声声地说他要来“彻底认罪, 道歉”, 没想到真正见面时远志明突然抛出他所谓的版本, 声称是两厢情愿, 并有多次性关系,我坚决不同意, 并挑战远志明我们都去做测谎证明来证明我们各自的版本, 远志明不肯。在场做见证的周爱玲牧师和徐志秋牧师都不帮助维护我, 我信任的云牧师也被远志明的谎言所骗, 以致我也受骗。远和周都不允许我带丈夫来,我又在生病中。那个会面是很艰难的, 我被骗, 被羞辱, 被3:1的围攻。但我感到耶稣跟我同在;
  • 2014年6月30日我给苏晓康通电话 (苏在2012年12月曾给我甩过电话, 不允许我再跟他调查远志明的事, 感谢主, 祷告后神允许苏晓康讲了实话)苏说在1989年6月后,有位在难民营的中国妇女也控告过远志明强暴她, 但是苏晓康没有调查和处理;
  • 2014年7月13日, 我在国外旅行中把会面的备忘录发给远志明, 周爱玲, 云牧师, 并要求他们转给徐志秋, 及神州董事会。 但是直到今天,没有任何人给我回点邮;
  • 2014年11月7日我们跟周爱玲牧师发生冲突;
  • 2014年11月14日我跟丈夫去跟周爱玲牧师调节冲突;没达成完全协议;但是同意分开:周爱玲同意辞去女童之声董事职位,我不再去周爱玲的教会敬拜,周爱玲不再是我的牧师;
  • 2014年11月19日我通过测谎,证明我的见证是真实的。
  • 2014年11月24日我通过电邮给远志明, 周爱玲,云牧师通知我已通过测谎, 告诉他因为他还在继续撒谎,我只好把他交给教会;他们始终没有给我回音;
  • 2014年11月26日我给周爱玲姐妹一份长点邮,要求她对我们的不实指控纠正, 她至今没回信;我要求她把我的五万美金来建7*24小时祷告中心的钱转给女童之声, 来给中国的穷苦妇女, 周爱玲始终不回答;专款另用,是不合法的;
  • 2014年11月26日,我先生写了“对待性强暴的正确态度” 一文
  • 2014年11月29日我的第一份信:“我们永远可以找出真相,你愿意吗?”在我们的电邮圈里发出;除远志明以外的有不良行为的牧师们的名字没有报上。希望他们会忏悔改变。周爱玲收到电邮。一直没有回音;
  • 2014年11月24日我跟Gospel Herald联络, 回他们在5月份要求我澄清远志明的名的电邮, 他们在12月3日决定不发表我的信;
  • 2014年12月4日,收到周爱玲教会的信, 拒不归还我们基金会的贷款。这是合法的, 但不符合圣经教导和贷款时的信任精神的;
  • 2014年12月17日我们的All Girls Allowed开了年终董事会。
  • 2014年12月18日晚我进入了神的安息;希伯来书 4:3,3 然而我们信了的人,就可以进入那安息。正如 神所说:“我在烈怒中起誓说,他们绝不可进入我的安息!”其实 神的工作,从创立世界以来已经完成了。
  • 2014年12月19日我们的教会团契寄挂号信给远志明的神州董事要求他们调查。至今没有任何回音;
  • 2014年12月19日12:37am 曹长青来电邮询问他们网站可否转载我们女童之声上的我的公开信;祷告很久,终于在 2014年12月23日同意他发布, 并把刘彤, 周爱玲, 徐志秋(误以为徐永海)的真名字都复原。 决定不再为他们各自的行为遮盖;
  • 2014年12月31日, 收到西班牙方面帮助远志明办“天歌“会的牧师的误解和责问。交流后有好转, 但是最终到2015年1月8日他们的长老始终不肯说他们是否面对过远志明, 远是如何回答的;
  • 2014年12月远志明的Facebook只推销DVD, 概不回答责问;
  • 2015年1月1日, 在度假中看到13位牧者对我的公开信的回应信, 感谢耶稣!
  • 2015年1月9日发电邮给王永信按牧团, 要求调查, 至今没有任何回音;
  • 2015年1月9日我发表第二封给教会的信---“不靠权势,不靠能力,专靠耶和华的灵!
  • 2015年1月12日晚,13日徐志秋周爱玲各自发表会议备忘录, 我再受羞辱, 诽谤,非议; 徐周没经受害者同意, 过目, 和校正的发表不但违反圣经原则, 也违了两条法律: 牧师和信徒之间的隐私权, 和受害者的隐私权;但是网上的非议和传播, 直到今天, 还在伤害我的声誉和家人;我对周爱玲女士选择这样的方式似乎是来趁火打劫,趁机报复,深感痛心, 基督徒不该这样做,牧师更不该这样做;
  • 2015年1月14日, 刘彤牧师给小组长的讲话发表到网上;对我再次不公;
  • 2015年1月12日举目发表徐周的信, 但是在2015年1月22日我要求举目同样发表我的回应徐周的信, 他们不但不发, 反而先给徐志秋看。 徐志秋在2015年1月23日, 又打电话, 又给我电邮, 试图用请律师等来威胁我不发表我的第三封信---“如果没有上帝, 我们就没有希望”;在2015年2月3日, 举目才回信说不发我的第三封信。(2015年3月9日,举目编辑 苏郑期英 回电邮不肯认错);
  • 2015年1月27日, 我发表第四封信---“基督是道路,真理, 生命”, 报告万润南先生对巴黎另一位受难妇女朱女士的见证。God is good!
  • 2015年2月10日, 终于18位华人牧者宣布成立调查委员会, 开始调查;
  • 2015年2月18日, 我的教会团契发表对神州协会董事会的公开信,“让公义出现”;
  • 2015年2月23日,18位华人牧师公开调查报告;证明除了1989年朱女士在巴黎的强奸报告, 我在1990年在普林斯顿的强奸报告, 还有2013年5月的在德国的第三案例的不当行为和2013年9月在巴黎诱奸未遂的第四案例;
  • 2015年2月25日神州协会董事发表对“调查委员会”威胁诉讼的公告;
  • 2015年2月25-27日我发表给教会的第5封信---“你们必晓得真理,真理必叫你们得自由”, 感谢18位牧者的调查,谴责神州协会董事的公告;
  • 2015年2月27日美国《今日基督教》发表头条关于我指控远志明强暴事件;
  • 2015年2月28里神州协会发表通告: 远志明辞去一切事奉和事工;
  • 2015年2月28里神州协会发表律师通告,要一切联络通过律师;
  • 2015年3月2日,远志明发表声明, 承认性过犯,否认一切刑事罪责;
  • 2015年3月8日, 我再次给教会写第6封信:进入应许之地


All Girls Allowed (http://www.allgirlsallowed.org) was founded by Chai Ling in 2010 with a mission to display the love of Jesus by restoring life, value and dignity to girls and mothers in China and revealing the injustice of the One-Child Policy.  “In Jesus’ Name, Simply Love Her.”

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2014 年4月18日


今天在美国是耶稣在十字架上的受难日。 我终于第一次在网上找到你两年前给我的信。看完了。我很感动。我也很高兴我终于找到您的信看了。立刻给你回信。耶稣说: 所以,如果你在祭坛献上祭物的时候,在那里想起弟兄向你怀着怨,就要把祭物留在祭坛前,先去与弟兄和好,然后再回来献上你的祭物”。 (马太福音5章23-24节)...