Core Values

All Girls Allowed has eight core values that provide focus and clarity for our work:


1) Jesus Christ brings good news to the world


All Girls Allowed believes that there is good news for all of humanity, and that good news can be found in the person of Jesus Christ, and what he has done for us to give us new life!  While we may be able to provide physical and emotional help, only Jesus can bring ultimate spiritual healing and renewal for a hurting world.  Injustice like gendercide can only be defeated through the love of Christ.  For this reason, Jesus is the foundation of our work, providing guidance, insight and power to effectively proclaim this same good news to others.  All Girls Allowed believes that the good news of Jesus Christ is for women and men, for the righteous and sinners, for Christians and non-Christians—in other words, this good news is for everyone who repents and comes to a living faith in Jesus Christ.  Therefore, we seek to do all that we do in Jesus’ name, proclaiming his love for each child and family that we serve.


2) Women receive disproportionately more oppression


Throughout Scripture, God has called his people to care what Jesus terms “the least of these”, which includes widows, orphans, the oppressed and the poor.  They may be considered “least” in the eyes of society, but are considered “great” in the eyes of God.  Among these cohorts, All Girls Allowed believes that girls and women have historically been the most at risk for oppression and discrimination.  Despite God’s affirmation that they are equal in dignity, value and worth to men, that understanding has been distorted by sin and evil, causing great suffering among women.  Though they have great intrinsic value, society views them, in essence, as the least of the least.  In China in particular, gendercide and the One-Child Policy have targeted girls and women and left them oppressed, abandoned, poor, or simply…dead.  The effects on society have been disastrous, as a deadly cycle has led to the continued devaluation of women, which in turn perpetuates gendercide.  For this reason, we believe that there must be an extra proportion of love poured out on women in suffering.


3) Women Are Essential Workers in God’s Kingdom


The first missionary was a woman—Mary Magdelene.  Of all of his disciples and followers, Jesus chose to appear first to a woman.  All Girls Allowed believes that women are not merely weak vessels in need of love, but rather they are strong warriors for God, essential for any complete work for God’s kingdom.  In many segments of society across the world (and certainly in China), the majority of the church is made up of women.  While women receive wage discrimination and generally make less income than men, economists have shown that women actually contribute more to the world economy than men.  Women have a powerful role to play in proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ and bringing his kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.  For these reasons and more, we believe that we must not merely rescue women from injustice, but we must empower women to reach their full potential in society for the glory of God.  As women are set free from oppression and their inherent worth is recognized, they will become beautiful vessels to share the treasure of Jesus with the world.


4) Gendercide must end


Gendercide—the systematic elimination of girls—must come to an end in China and around the world, and the time is now.  We believe that there is no greater tragedy happening in the world, happening to so many of one particular people group.  Like a virus, gendercide can and will spread to other parts of the world unless it is nipped in the bud now.  We have the potential to prevent a worldwide gendercide epidemic!  As a result, All Girls Allowed is committed to doing all within God’s will to bringing an end to gendercide, in China and beyond.  In particular, we will work to end prenatal sex selection, infanticide/abandonment of infant girls, trafficking of girls/women, and forced abortions/sterilizations against mothers.


5) human marriage reflects god's covenantal love


Gendercide is occurring because of a fundamental breakdown in the understanding of marriage.  When a baby girl is voluntarily aborted, killed, abandoned or sold by a parent because of her gender, the parent has failed to live up to his or her call as a parent.  In many cases, there is pressure from the husband (or the husband’s in-laws) to commit gendercide; in those cases, it is a failure of the husband to love and protect his wife and daughter.  In some rare cases, the crime may be committed by the mother; in those cases, it is the mother’s failure to protect the child she has carried in her womb.  In the case of forced or coerced abortion, it is the failure of society to understand God’s original intention for children to be a heritage and a blessing for couples.  Today in China, unmarried women are getting more and more abortions, just as the rate of premarital sex is also on a sharp rise.  All Girls Allowed seeks to help restore God’s original intention for marriage, to call for radical, lifelong and loving commitment between men and women.  By renewing marriages and redeeming the idea of marriage, we believe that couples will be able to make the difficult choices that support life, value and dignity for all women in their families, communities and around the world.


6) Men must Take Leadership to end Gendercide


When foot-binding was ended in the early 20th century through the efforts of a generation of missionaries and faithful Christians, men played an important role.  Not only did prominent men—missionaries and non-Christian scholars—speak out against the barbarism of foot-binding, but also common men took pledges to marry women with unbound feet.  Since foot-binding was so closely connected with marriage, it was important for men to take leadership in the anti-foot-binding movement.  Similarly, we believe that men must play a prominent role in the battle against gendercide.  Men must take a public stand against the atrocity of gendercide as it is being perpetrated in China.  Men must participate in the direct intervention measures to rescue girls and mothers from gendercide.  But, above all, men must repent of all the ways that they have abused women through their own lives, such as through pornography, domestic violence, verbal abuse, (coerced) abortion, etc.  All Girls Allowed believes that when men repent and are freed from their own participation in gendercide, they can and will begin to take greater leadership to end gendercide in their communities and in the world.


7) the Church needs healing before being sent


In our day and age, the process of sanctification and the process of mission have been separated.  On one hand, we learn to turn towards God in order to be made whole and to be cleansed of all unrighteousness.  On the other hand, we learn to move the focus from ourselves to others as we go on mission for the gospel and for the kingdom.  At All Girls Allowed, however, we believe these two are inextricably linked.  Sanctification and personal transformation are essential if we are to be credible witnesses to the resurrection power of Christ.  And as we go on mission, we are reminded of God’s work in our lives, which gives us greater faith in the Spirit who sanctifies us through and through.  If we are still in bondage to sin, then we have in effect a muzzle on our mouths that prevents us from having effective and fruitful ministry.  God, in his grace, does bear fruit through us despite our sin; yet, we must still walk in the light as he is in the light.  For this reason, we seek to call the global church to repent of the ways in which we have perpetuated a culture of gendercide in our churches, in our families and in our relationships.  As the church is sanctified through this process of repentance, forgiveness and healing, then we will be able to effectively serve the Lord and proclaim his good name!


8) we must first love the women in our lives


As the Apostle Paul wrote, we may be able to do all sorts of amazing things, but without love, we are nothing.  All Girls Allowed believes that love must be our first and our last response to the cry of the needy or the oppressed.  We affirm that love is not a feeling, but a choice—and this choice is one made out of a response to God’s unconditional love for us.  Practically, in our relationships with fellow men and women, love expresses itself in five ways:  quality time; acts of service; words of affirmation; gifts; and physical touch.  We believe that if we simply begin to love the women in our lives—our mothers, our wives, our girlfriends, our sisters—in these five simple ways, we will begin to restore the life, value and dignity that God gave them when he lovingly created them before the foundations of the world.  Then, love will blossom into the highest calling, laying down one’s life for another.  This radical love will be contagious, drawing people to Jesus, who in his perfect example of a life of love deeply cared for the women in his life.