Testimony: Ma, Luo & LiLi


When Brother Wang, an All Girls Allowed worker, came to visit Ma and Luo, they were amazed to learn about the love of Jesus. They were parents of and older child and the newborn daughter, and had just moved to a new town in order to provide a better living for their children.


Ma and Luo soon placed their hope in Jesus and began joining in Bible studies at Brother Wang’s church. Brother Wang told us that their joy was palpable, their faces filled with peace. Ma experienced success in his business, too—a blessing from the Lord.


Then hardships began and put their faith to the test. First, Ma’s motorcycle broke down repeatedly and left him without a means of transport to conduct business. Then, more alarmingly, Ma and Luo’s infant daughter LiLi contracted hand, foot, and mouth disease. Doctors grew alarmed and even told the couple that they were at risk of losing their child.


Luo fasted and prayed for baby LiLi, and soon several brothers and sisters from the fellowship joined her. LiLi’s fever left that very day! She came home from the hospital four days later.


The family is still suffering from the effects of LiLi’s illness and Ma’s struggle in business. They faced expensive hospital bills and were forced to spend all of their savings and even had to borrow money from friends. The hardship became difficult for Ma to bear, and he stopped going to church with Luo. Yet she remains filled with hope and encourages Ma to do likewise. “We need to have faith in God,” she says to him. “I will earn the money back for you.”


Please lift up this family in your prayers and ask God to rescue them out of poverty. You can also help us support them by giving to the Baby Shower Gift Program.


Image: Luo smiles as she holds up baby LiLi during an All Girls Allowed worker's visit.


by Kat Lewis, All Girls Allowed

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