Shen Hongmei Shares about the Baby Shower Gift Program in Her Village


Although the birth of the girl didn’t please her father-in-law, Shen Hongmei was still happy.  Not only did she receive the monthly assistance from the Baby Shower Gift Program, but the talk of fellow villagers gave her encouragement.


“Give birth to a girl, get assistance. It’s great! Our neighbor who had a son was very jealous of us,” said Shen.


Villagers were very curious about the project, whose origins were a mystery to them. Not only did the families of baby girls receive assistance, expectant mothers received help too. Many of them gave a thumbs up to such a “policy”. Taibai village resident He Feng said that the Baby Shower Gift Program was greatly satisfying and totally unexpected.


Every month, as soon as Shen received the 100 yuan assistance, she would buy powdered milk, diapers and other essentials. To her, the money represented more than material: it brought self-confidence and dignity. Pregnant women in the village who find that they are carrying girls usually want an abortion. Shen said that it would never happen with her. “In my mind, if I am to have a second one, and if the second one is a girl, I would still have her. I don’t care what others say.”


The Baby Shower Gift Program also gave a one-time 100 yuan assistance to every expectant mother with 5 to 9 month pregnancies. What especially surprised villagers was that it encouraged mothers who gave birth to girls with monthly stipends of 100 yuan, which motivated them to welcome girls in spite of popular prejudices favoring boys.

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