The Red Sea: "Stop and Think" by Barbara Laurent

Stop and think what does this mean

To stop and think about the thing happening to she

Born out of her mother whom is it a he or she

What shall I do shall I keep my she

To respect my pride and my family name

I must do the right thing and send her away.


A law that I must keep

and a law that I must obey

She must now disappeared and fade away.


So I stop to think about these beautiful girls

Who lost their life

Because of some law that committing a crime


We should stop and think

and put this to an end

Because their making sacrifices

to leave their dead

For these little girls are now abandoned, sell, abuse and now are gone.


So stop to think about what genocide doing to she

Because she is a girl

and she have her rights to needs


A right to freedom

A right to speak

A right to worship

A right to read

A right that she is me

and a girl that she can be

But the Killing of them pulls down on this needs

Because she is a girl who suffers more than me


I hear her cry when I look up in the sky

a tear on her cheek

that represent fear and her rights not being meet


So stop to think

because I care about this need

For in deed

We must end this thing

because it kill she


And a nation that weeps 

That their first born is a she

Rather than a he


The killing of genocide that is present world wide

for various reason I must ask why


I must stop to think
bout the way I can help she

For she not just a girl

She is not just me

She is a creation

A person to be


So I write these lines

Hoping to end genocide

because the killing of she

is the killing of me.



”Stop and think” is focused on ending genocide. Genocide is the killing of a group of people which happens worldwide for various reasons. Some of these reasons are discrimination, cultural beliefs, or religious belief.

The poem “Stop and think”  discusses the suffering of people that experience genocide. It especially focuses on girls and their mothers in China. Mothers in China are forced to kill or abandon their daughters because of the 1 child policy in China that only allows families to have one child per a household to decrease to population. Because of this reason,  mothers have to abandon their daughters, because they would rather have a boy to  keep the family tradition that is present in a boy’s last name. Genocide is an issue that has been going on for decades and it needs to be put to an end. No one have the right to take some else life, only God.

My piece means a lot to me because it tells a story. Genocide has affected so many people’s lives. From the killing of the first borns in Egypt, to Hitler and the holocaust, to the Ku Klax Klan many innocent people’s lives were taken way. This poem is important to me because its purpose is not only to end genocide but all to restore the lives of the innocent people who suffer from genocide. 


My name is Barbara Laurent and I’m a student in Cathedral High School. I was Born in Miami and moved to Boston when I was 9 years old. I attended a private school ever since I was a child which plays a major role in my faith.


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