The Red Sea: "Raising Funds with the Pampered Chef" by Vivian Su

The ladies in leadership at Grace Chapel had the privilege to hear Chai Ling share her testimony and describe the work that All Girls Allowed is doing at a leaders’ event held in January 2012. We could not help but to be moved by the atrocities happening in China and felt God stirring in our hearts to do something.


A few of my Joy Bible Study Leader friends and I decided that we wanted to raise funds for All Girls Allowed but in a less traditional, more fun and creative way. I have been a Pampered Chef consultant for 6 years and suggested that we hold a Fundraiser Party with the dual benefit of fellowshipping together outside of church. We invited all the Joy Bible Study Leaders to come and to share this opportunity with their friends.


On Monday, March 12th, one of the leaders opened up her home and hosted this wonderful Pampered Chef Fundraiser. Approximately 20 momen came. We laughed, we learned, and we had fun making and eating a Strawberry Cream Trifle!


In addition to the 15% of Guest Sales that Pampered Chef gives to the charity chosen, I decided to contribute 10% of my commission. In total, we had over 30 orders and we raised $647.06! We were thrilled to be able to support TWO Baby Shower Gifts for one year, and Four Months of Primary School for an Abandoned Girl. May All Girls Allowed continue to be God’s hands and feet and may God be glorified in our efforts.


- Vivian Su



This piece talks about a different, creative venue to raise funds to restore life, value and dignity to girls and mothers in China. It describes the Pampered Chef Fundraiser held in honor of All Girls Allowed.


Vivian Su has been a consultant with the Pampered Chef for the past 6 years and attends Grace Chapel in Lexington, MA with Chai Ling. She is married and has two boys, ages 10 and 4. Many female leaders at Grace Chapel had the privilege of hearing Ling’s testimony and learning about All Girls Allowed at a special event. Vivian and a few of her fellow Bible Study leaders wanted to raise funds for All Girls Allowed in a creative, fun way, and this was achieved through hosting a Pampered Chef Fundraiser Show.

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