The Red Sea: "Nu' Creation" by Tiana Ferrante


Open up your ears
To the silent weeping
Of the Chinese mothers whose
Dead baby girls are sleeping
In the earthy mud
Of Zhongguode facade
Open up your ears to them
Who now rest with God
Take an hour out of your day
To pray to stop this killing
Offer your services to All Girls Allowed
Especially if, God willing, 
You feel the call so urgent
To stop the forced abortions
And deny the right to gendercide
Which is in great proportions
Write letters to your government
And China’s, for they need
Also to hear the helpless cry
Of women whose hearts bleed
A change of culture—-a respect for girls!
A time to write and pray
For hope for the girls and women of China
And let us start today!



I have so much compassion and love for the oppressed women and girls in China; this poem is dedicated to their lives, which are precious.  I hope this poem will inspire people to write to their government about this cause.  My piece demands action from the reader; it brings heartbreaking imagery to the readers’ view and insists that prayer and service for “All Girls Allowed” can start today!



Tiana Ferrante is a young pro-life activist who hopes to go to China and help the little girls and their mothers in the future.  She is a featured blogger for Stage of Life, amateur writer, Mandarin Speaker, and she hopes to bring the love of “Shengfu” (God) to Chinese orphans, who have a special place in her heart.

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