The Red Sea: "The Giver and the Taker" by Aowen Jin


This work explored the social effects of the first generation of women born under the One-Child Policy. It set out to demonstrate the impacts of the policy on these women, such as their personalities, experience and expectations which were based on 300 interviews with Chinese women. Through a series of paintings and video clips, the works celebrate the resilient spirit of Chinese women: They make the best of what they have, and fight to get and keep power.


Aowen Jin is a Chinese-born British artist and among the first generation of daughters born under China’s One-Child policy. Aowen is both academic and critically acclaimed, with appearances on BBC News 24, BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, The Times and the BBC World Service. Her works are highly prized by collectors and she has produced commissions for various influential people, including The Queen and former Prime Minister, Tony Blair. The artworks aimed to challenge both the Western and Chinese view of the One-Child Policy by giving a more complete understanding of its impact, and by exploring the personal experiences of the artist and other Chinese women. See more of her work at


see the powerful video component to the exhibition (including interviews with Chinese women) here: 

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Ling Chai

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All Girls Allowed – In Jesus’ Name, Simply Love Her


Monday, June 3, 2013


Testimony to

The Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations,

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Today, the Chinese government apologized for the merciless forced abortion of the baby of Feng Jianmei, 7-months pregnant.  To show they really meant it, they also reprimanded the Family Planning officials who carried out the forced abortion.



While this is a step in the right direction, it is foolish for the Chinese government to believe that this is nearly sufficient to make up for the 35,000 forced and coerced abortions...

January 17, 2011 


All Girls Allowed's anti-trafficking initiative sent out volunteers to dozens of counties and municipalities with pamphlets and information to find and help trafficked children.


On January 12th, after reading a pamphlet distributed by volunteers, a sympathetic local resident of Huguan County, Shanxi Province called the AGA hotline give a tip. A girl of 3, a victim of child trafficking, had been sold into the village.


With this information, All Girls Allowed (AGA) contacted Mr. Feng Jianlin of Shanxi, who has...