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CCI is a network that aims to strengthen the relationship between adoptees and their heritage. Working to unite adoptees from across the globe, we want our members to find a haven within our network as they meet new people. As adoptees mature into adulthood, CCI is empowering Chinese adoptees to be proud of their heritage as well as be individuals who share the common beginning of being adopted from China.


China’s Children International, “CCI” is an organization run by adoptees for adoptees. The mission of CCI is to unite Chinese adoptees from all over the world in addition to providing an extensive network of support for all of us who share this common beginning. CCI promotes open discussions among its members and encourages members to share experiences with other adoptees. CCI is working to provide the opportunity for adoptees to give back to orphanages in China. If CCI were to win the grant competition we would use the money to help continue our mission of uniting Chinese adoptees world wide. The money would go towards programs that we have initiated such as our T-shirt fundraiser for Half the Sky, maintaining our website rights, and any future activities we create that promote helping Chinese orphanages and adoptees. For instance if we won the grant money, 100% of the profits from t-shirt sales would go to Half the Sky instead of a portion of the profits that are currently being used to cover the initial cost of shirts and shipping. This money would also be used as a foundation for CCI becoming a not-for-profit organization as we aspire to become a 501 c3 in the future.

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IMAGE: All Girls Allowed


When the bus arrived at our destination, I could hardly believe I was there. We stepped out and were asked to be as quiet as possible; not to speak, but to follow our guide. Creeping up the stairs slowly and quietly, we held our shoes in our hands. We'd been told China doesn't like large gatherings of people in homes. In fact, they are quite suspicious of it, so we had to be careful not to draw any attention to ourselves. To do this, once off the bus, we went upstairs in groups of three or four people, 10 to 15...

On Saturday, May 4th, members and friends of Toronto Chinese Mennonite Church gathered for a Spring Tea and Craftmaking event to raise money for All Girls Allowed.


We are so honored by their generous donation and extremely creative idea!



If your church or community is doing something amazing to support our cause, ...