The Red Sea: "China Girl" by Lexijane


I created this dress to enter into a competition called FCCLA.  For the competition I used All Girls Allowed as my theme.  So when classmates or other people ask about my dress I mention All Girls Allowed.  I also gave a baby shower gift and bought stuff from the All Girls Allowed shop.  I had to make a board and thought it would be cool to have stuff writen in Chinese on it. So my dad took me to Chinatown and while I was there I shared about All Girls Allowed.  I know that it does not seem like much but it’s getting the word out there.  If one person looks more into it and starts doing what it takes to help restore life, value, and dignity to girls and mothers in China, it’s worth it.  Unfortunitly the time has not been right to fund raise.



I am a senior in high school.  My dress means a lot to me for many reasons.  For one, I have worked really hard on it and spent lots of time on it.  This is also my last year doing the competition — the last but the best.  My dress can potentially help the women and girls in China.

Regarding the grant — I am a freashman now at College of DuPage which is a 2 year comunity college. I am majoring in fashion design but might get an associates degree in both fashion design and fashion merchendising.  I go back and forth with ideas on what I want to do with my life, like starting a buisness, but I do know that I want to help girls in China.  So what I would do with a grant is use it to either help pay for my degree at the College of DuPage or save it and then use it to help to pay for Christian University.  

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Flowers. Chocolates. Brunch. Nice cards. All of these are typical ways of honoring mothers on Mother’s Day in the United States. Advertisements run for weeks before Mother’s Day, reminding husbands and children to say thank you to their wives and mothers and get them something nice.


This Christmas 18 children received gifts, 16 of which were already registered in our Orphan Care Program; the other two are newly registered this month. The gifts included: clothes, chocolates, apples, milk, other nutritious foods, books, and toys. Our co-workers spent a lot of thought to find good yet inexpensive gifts for the children. Some local church brothers and sisters also helped to pack the gifts for the children.