The Red Sea: “FEWER” by Eric Arthur Blair


My work has a purpose to tell the story of individuals that have been left out of the public domain. These individuals who have been abused through no fault of there own are justification enough to spend energy and all my resources trying to highlight their plight. I focus on women as I believe the empowerment of women is one of only a few ways to truly alleviate poverty. And a woman’s right over her own body while being able to make informed choices must be respected if we are serious about creating a better world. It is with this said that I have begun to continue my body of work that I wish to build on and make many people aware of in order to highlight the issues the birth planning policy forces upon people and to restore life, add value and dignity to girls and mothers in China. 

I began to work on the Chinese Birth planning policy as an individual concerned with the World’s population as it approached 7 Billion. Believing that we are at a significant place in history where natural resources are increasingly becoming a matter of life and death for a great many people, my concern as an individual became a need to understand and present some of the most extreme and often unnecessary steps people and governments are inflicting on others in the name of ‘progress’. China’s controversial policy on birth planning is an immense concern as it is and was completely avoidable if public discourse through the work of Ma Yinchu was listened to. We are hopefully getting closer to the day that the policy will end; but the damage has been done and we as a global community should never forget and do our best to restore life to those who have lost theirs.



Eric is a Documentary photographer from the UK who has spent much of his adult life living and working in east Asia. Eric creates photo stories in a bid to raise awareness of issues that are often unreported. His drive has always been to focus on people and places determined to document the nature of lesser known and complicated matters that have far-reaching implications. Eric has been working in China for 2 years following the Family Planning policy in the Peoples Republic. His aim is to produce the first comprehensive photographic book on the 30 plus year policy, documenting the ‘seen’ and ‘unseen’ so it can never be forgotten.

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Today, the Chinese government apologized for the merciless forced abortion of the baby of Feng Jianmei, 7-months pregnant.  To show they really meant it, they also reprimanded the Family Planning officials who carried out the forced abortion.



While this is a step in the right direction, it is foolish for the Chinese government to believe that this is nearly sufficient to make up for the 35,000 forced and coerced abortions...




For decades, China has shrouded its severe human trafficking problem in silence. But the U.S. State Department’s 2013 Trafficking in Persons Report ended that silence last week, downgrading China to the worst possible rating, Tier 3. Thoroughly researched and brutally honest, the report exposes China’s failure to address primary causes of human trafficking, including the One-Child Policy. The report declares:



On one outing to find mothers and daughters, a few of our workers went through an outdoor vegetable and meat market, and there became acquainted with a woman, Ms. Wei (above), who ran a public toilet. These marketplaces are busy centers for all walks of life to congregate, bustling with shoppers, motorcycles, carts, children, dogs, and thieves. Rows and rows of makeshift platforms covered by fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, and meat create narrow passages slick with mud, oil, and blood. A toilet in this area is not somewhere anyone would like to hang around, and is usually operated and...