The Power of Prayer




In my distress I prayed to the LORD, and the LORD answered me and set me free.” -Psalm 118:5




Jin, a mother in our Baby Shower Program, called one of our workers in great distress last year. She said her daughter was sick and in the hospital. They had stayed at the hospital for several days, but the girl's health still didn't improve. The doctors told Jin that she would probably need to stay in the hospital for a significant amount of time. When Jin called, she was extremely worried and asked our worker to pray for God's healing over her child and for a speedy release from the hospital. This was especially important for Jin because she didn't want to spend the Chinese New Year at the hospital. Our worker told her that they should both pray together for her daughter and ask God for healing.


The next day, Jin called again and said her daughter had recovered and had already gone home from the hospital. She also said that if they hadn't prayed, her daughter would not have been healed so soon. To express her gratitude to God, Jin told our worker to give her $200 monthly stipend to our worker's church as an offering. Jin could not go to church because she lives far away, but this was the second time that she gave an offering to the church. The first time she gave an offering was when she miraculously received healing through prayer after having difficulties giving birth.


God will surely remember and honor Jin's sacrificial giving. Although Jin believes in God, she has never attended church services. Through our Baby Shower Program, however, she is beginning to experience God in a personal way.


Jin's story is incredible, but God does not stop after just one answered prayer!


Some time after Jin's daughter's miraculous healing, our same field worker got a call from Xu, another mother in the Baby Shower Program. Xu explained that something was wrong with her daughter and that she was in the hospital. The mother and daughter had been there for two days, but the doctors were not able to diagnose any specific sicknesses. Although the doctors could not pinpoint a problem, the child was constantly crying. Xu's family was worried and anxious, so Xu decided to call our field worker for prayer.


Xu is not a follower of Christ, and every previous time our workers shared the Gospel with her, she would change the topic. However, this time our worker was astonished to hear Xu actually ask for prayer! She knew that God must be working in Xu. Over the phone, our worker prayed with Xu and simply told her to listen and say “Amen” at the end. The prayer was short, and our worker hung up after comforting Xu for a while. The next day, our worker called Xu and said she wanted to visit her daughter at the hospital. Surprisingly, Xu told her not to come. What could be the reason for this?


Xu continued on to say that she was no longer at the hospital because her baby had fully recovered and gone home--right after they had prayed!


Instead of going to the hospital that day, our worker visited Xu and her daughter at their home. Xu revealed that immediately after she prayed with our worker, her daughter stopped crying and had a good night of sleep. Xu said she had never seen the baby so peaceful before. She attributed this miracle to the power of prayers.


The field worker who prayed with both Jin and Xu joyfully relayed these two stories to us, praising God for His answers to prayer. She was ecstatic about these testimonies, saying,


“From this experience, I know that God uses our prayers as a means to draw unbelievers to him. We have already seen several families give up their stubbornness towards the Gospel as a result of our prayers. Although these families have not fully dedicated themselves to Christ, I believe that the Lord has begun to work in their spirit. I am sure God will bring many more families to Him through the Baby Shower Program. Praise the Lord!”


These two miraculous stories confirm that, "The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective." (James 5:16). How wonderful that we serve a God who listens to us and will do anything that we ask of Him in His name (John 14:14).


May God continue to work through our Baby Shower Program to bring more families to Him. What a blessing to receive such encouraging news from China!


by Emilie, All Girls Allowed


The Baby Shower Program is bringing life, value, and dignity to baby girls in China by showing their families that girls have value. Please support mothers like Jin and Xu by giving to our Baby Shower Program.



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