Orphan Care Program Update: July to September 2014

In July and August we helped a total of 15 children, and five of which newly registered in August. Their stories are as follows:




Bo Wen (Age 14)

In 2012, his mother died of cerebral hemorrhaging, and then his father became abusive. Bo Wen’s dad would resort to drinking daily for survival, and would often be covered with wounds. In March 2014, his father was diagnosed with a mental disorder and sent to the hospital for psychiatric sanatorium treatment. Young Bo Wen has no grandparents on his father’s side, and only has an aunt who works elsewhere, so with no one to take care of him he was sent to his grandfather’s, his mother’s father’s, home. His grandfather lives in the countryside and has no fixed income, so he relies on odd jobs to get by. His dad’s monthly medical expenses are 1000 yuan per month, so Bo Wen’s grandfather cannot afford his school fees; he therefore shares the financial burden with Bo Wen's aunt. However, his aunt’s economic situation at home isn’t great either. Bo Wen suffered great stress and emotional injury after losing his mother and seeing his father being taken away to the hospital and because of this he shuts himself away and does not communicate with others.



Yuan Yuan (Age 12)

Yuan Yuan’s father is suffering from the aftermath of a cerebral hemorrhage and cannot work to support his family. Her mother suffers from mental illness and is also bound by the devil through a genetic family curse. Whenever she has an episode her family would have to tie her with a chain. They also believe in Jesus, a three person family with no house, and live at Yuan Yuan’s grandmother’s house. They wear clothes that have been given to them by others, and their lives are only guaranteed through subsidy allowances.




Little Meng  (Age 8)

Little Meng’s parents divorced about five or six years ago. After her mother left, her father rarely returns home, and works far away year round. Meng is only able to live together with her grandparent’s. This year her grandfather is 75 years old and her grandmother is 64 years old (she has just believed in the Lord). The grandpa is old, so he can not do manual labor, and the grandma is weak and sick, so she can not work either. The family is in a lot of debt. Meng’s body is weak as well and needs medication every day. Her body very small for an eight year old; it is like the body of a four year old child.




Yu Lu (Age 14)

In 2002, Yu Lu’s father fractured his skull in a fight and on his forehead he has a concave wound about the size of a fist. Because of this brain trauma he is delirious, speaks incoherently, expresses himself in an unclear way, often suffers convulsions, and therefore has lost the ability to work. The mother divorced the family two years after the incident and remarried, now with a new family and children. Since then, Yu Lu and  and her father are raised by her grandparents, and the whole family relies solely on family farming done by the grandfather. Unfortunately, Yu Lu’s grandfather developed cancer in his bladder last year, and owing ​​a lot of debt, he passed away in June. Now in junior high, because she lost the fatherly and motherly love every child needs, Yu Lu is extremely introverted, very quiet, and often gets angry.


Hao Ran (Age 5) - Note: No Photo

Hao Ran’s mother died after she was born, and soon afterwards her grandmother died as well. Her father support the family by working far away from home. There is no one to take care of Hao Ran so she is sent to be raised at a boarding nursery school. We hope the Father’s love can pour down on this family.


Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 4.05.22 PM.png

Xing ( Age 9)

Xing's father is 38 years old and divorced, his mother remarried. His mother left the family because of Xing's father's disability, Osteonecrosis, which he contracted at 19 years old and makes him unable to work. Xing’s grandparents are very old, and are also unable to take of him. They depend on other for support, and are currently are living in in place paid for by friends and family. Their life is very hard, but Xing is a smart and mature boy, with grades at top of his class. We pray God’s gospel and love will come to this family.





Hong, Jun, and De received Jesus Christ as their Savior!

Three boys, Hong (enrolled in last April), Jun (enrolled in last May), De (enrolled in this January), originally had very closed off characters and did not like dealing with people.  Through July 28 to August 1, in those five days, our coworkers took them to the church to attend a summer camp fellowship and to pray for them. A few days later, the boys became comfortable with everyone and were having a good time. They were even willing to perform skits on stage! They now believe in Jesus and have all been baptized. Thank God for leading them to us, and ask Him to continue to keep watch over them!


E:\AGA (Last updated  Aug. 26, 2014)\OCP\7月夏令营\黄德生包的饺子包饺子.JPGE:\AGA (Last updated  Aug. 26, 2014)\OCP\7月夏令营\圣餐前祷告.JPG

     Wrapping dumplings                    Summer Camp Dinner                     Fellowship and Worship

Playing Games                           Acting out a Skit                          Outdoor Worship



Bo (Age 3) Above: Image of Bo in kindergarten

After Bo's father went to jail, his mother (intelligence failure) became unwilling to take care of him. One day Bo and his mother were led away by a stranger. After being notified of their disappearance, Bo’s aunt, the Public Security Bureau, and some co-workers helped find him and his mother. His mother does not want him, does not want to stay with his father, and has already gone to live with other people. Our co-workers had brought the child back home and he is now temporarily living with his aunt. When they have time our co-workers help wash Bo’s laundry. His aunts relatives are also willing to take care of him. We hope that more people can come to know the love of God, and also hope that Bo can grow up healthy.


E:\AGA (Last updated  Aug. 26, 2014)\New folder\ocp update july\董字博生日.JPG




Zibo’s Birthday Celebration! (Age 3)

Yang (right, mother is mentally ill and left home) with 

Zibo (left, father died of sickness, and mother left and remarried)

happliy celebrated their 3rd birthdays together!







  • For the children’s health
  • For the children and their families to believe in the Lord
  • For coworkers to have strength, wisdom and grace
  • For more people with willing hearts to come serve in our OCP program


All Girls Allowed (http://www.allgirlsallowed.org) was founded by Chai Ling in 2010 with a mission to display the love of Jesus by restoring life, value and dignity to girls and mothers in China and revealing the injustice of the One-Child Policy.  “In Jesus’ Name, Simply Love Her.”


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