Letter from Chai Ling to Chinese Students in America: Hope after Boston Marathon Bombings

Last week, a horrible tragedy shook the Boston area--and the entire United States--to the core.  All Girls Allowed is based in Boston, and our office is a block from where the attacks took place, so we are grateful to God for the safety of our team.  Thank you for your prayers for this city.  One of the victims of the tragedy, Lu Lingzi, was an only child from Shenyang, China.  Her beautiful memorial service was attended by a thousand Chinese students, an indication of the tremendous grief and shock suffered by that community.  Many Chinese students have expressed fear and confusion, and are asking questions they have never asked before.  It is to this community that Chai Ling--who underwent great turmoil and distress as a student herself--would like to address the following message of hope.


Please read the letter below and share it widely with your Chinese friends in your community.

(點擊這里為中國版本. Click here to advance to the Chinese version of the letter.)

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Dear Chinese brothers and sisters studying in Boston and America,


I know many of you have been deeply impacted by the recent bombing and loss in Boston. It has particularly hit home for many of us who are Chinese because of the tragic death of Lu Lingzi. Our heart goes out to Lingzi’s family. We pray for her parents and friends to be comforted, knowing that God loves her so dearly. Recently one sister sensed from God that she is with Him today. I hope many of you who love her and care for her deeply will be comforted by this news. Of course, we can only know for sure when we reach heaven in our time. We continue to pray for all those who are grieving, those who have lost limbs, and those who are still in recovery in the hospital.


How are you? How are you feeling now?


  • Feeling scared? About the feeling of being out of control of your own safety and destiny? It could happen to you.
  • Dreams shattered? You thought this country was safe and full of freedom, like heaven, but not anymore.
  • Deeply moved? When you saw how ordinary Americans rushed into danger to rescue and help others?  
  • Trying not to be worried? About your own future and plans? Where would you be if you had been hurt or killed?


I know many of you are now in final exams season and may not want to look into these questions because you think there might not be answers.  Without the answers, you just want to put it behind you and not think about it. But deep in your heart, your mind could not stop thinking and searching.


I know how you feel because I have been there before. 23 years ago, I came to America, without friends and family, to study. I went through several similar events and have been through what you might be going through today. As some of you may know from my background, I was at Tiananmen Square during the student movement in 1989, and stayed there until the last hour before the massacre that took place on June 4th.  I was spared from death.  I came to America to finish my education and to find freedom and peace.  I was blessed with a successful company and a wonderful family, and thought that I had finally found safety.


However, on September 11, 2001, I was shaken to the core because my husband and I had been scheduled to take a flight from Boston that very same day, leaving our infant daughter behind.  We could have been on one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center. I did many things after that to try to regain control:  I wrote out my will, organized all my affairs, got more life insurance—all in case something happened to me.  But that uncertainty, that lack of peace, was haunting.  But then in December 2009, I finally gave my life to Jesus.  He completely took away my fear and gave me a peace that surpasses understanding.  That is why I had a completely different reaction towards the Boston Marathon bombing.  I now know that my life is complete and secure in God’s hands.  All my days are numbered and not a hair can fall from my head without God’s approval.  When the work that God has prepared for me to do in my life is complete, I will go back to be with my Father in heaven.  Because of this peace, I was able to comfort my three young children with the same peace God gave to me, so they could watch the bombing events unfolding without being completely terrified or traumatized.


This is the message of hope that I would like to give to you.  I want to share with you what I wish I had known back then, a good news that has brought hope and comfort to my heart, and has given me the peace today to face today and tomorrow. I feel that God wants you to know how much He loves each and every one of you. He hears the cries and questions in your hearts, and He wants to speak to you.


What can you do to find this peace? There are 5 things you can do:


  1. Read the “Love Letter from God”. This is how God sees you and what He wants you to know.  Click here to read, watch or listen to it. (Click here for the Chinese version.)
  2. Read the New York Times bestseller book by Tim Keller, a pastor in New York City: The Reason for God.  The second chapter is called, “How Could a Good God Allow Suffering?”  Tim Keller has also spoken about the topic, “If God is good, why is there so much evil in the world?”  You can find the book here or listen to Tim Keller’s speech about that topic here. (Click here to buy the Chinese translation of the book, and click here to read an excerpt.)
  3. Read the full story of my own life journey to finding true peace and freedom. You can read it here (click here for the Chinese version). I also have a book, A Heart for Freedom, with even more detailed stories along this journey. You can find the book here (or e-mail us for a copy of the Chinese version).
  4. The ultimate assurance and protection for you is to say the following simple prayer with me: “Lord Jesus, you are my Savior and my God, I give my life to you to lead and to guide.  Please come into my heart and forgive all my sins, in Jesus’ name, amen!” Once you do that, even if you were to die in a sudden explosion, you would be with God in heaven. In the meantime, find a church to start your journey with God on earth to discover the beautiful plans and purposes He has for you.  The book, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, is a wonderful resource to start your journey with God.  You can read the book here (click here for the free online Chinese translation).
  5. Read Heaven Is for Real, the true story of a young boy who experienced heaven during emergency surgery. Find out what we have to look forward to after this life! You can find the book here (click here for the Chinese translation).


We are here to pray for you—for your safety, for your peace and for your joy.  Fear not, for God is with you.  Dear brothers and sisters, this is what the God who created you is saying to you right now:


“Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
I have called you by your name;
You are Mine.
When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.
When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned,
Nor shall the flame scorch you.” (Isaiah 43:1-2)


“God is our refuge and strength,
A very present help in trouble.” (Psalm 46:1)


So come to God, to be strong and courageous!


     your sister in Jesus,

     Chai Ling







我知道你們許多人都深深的受到最近在波士頓的爆炸事件的衝擊和損失。特別是我們中國學生,因為呂令子的過世。我們為令子的家人難過。我們為她的父母和朋友祈禱,知道上帝是非常地愛她。最近一個妹妹感覺到她已在神的手中。我希望這個消息能給愛她的人帶來安慰。當然,是否如此, 只有當我們到天堂時才會確實。我們繼續為因著爆炸事件受害的人祈禱,為那些失去肢體的人,和那些還在醫院恢復的人們禱告。


  • 你感到害怕嗎?覺得無法保證自己的安全和掌管自己的命運?擔心這樣的事會隨時發生在你身上?
  • 你感到夢想被破滅嗎?你本以為美國是安全和自由的,像天堂一樣,但發現現在不是這樣了。
  • 你會心裡深受感動嗎?當你看到普通美國人如何衝進危險區去營救幫助他人?
  • 你會繼續擔心焦慮嗎?擔心自己的未來?如果你的生命突然改變, 受傷, 如何應對, 死亡,你會去哪裡?

我知道你們許多人現在正處於期末考試季節,可能沒時間尋找到這些問題的答案,也許覺得不會有答案。你也許只想把這些人生中的重大問題忘掉, 不再去想它。但在你的內心深處,你卻沒法真正得到平安。
我能理解你的感受,因為我也經歷過類似的事情。 23年前,我獨自來到美國,沒有家人和朋友,來求學。你們可能知道一點我的背景,我是在1989年的天安門學生運動期間一直在6月4日的大屠殺中堅持在廣場上,我倖存下來。經過十月逃亡來到美國。完成了學業, 建立了一個成功的公司,和一個幸福的家庭,經過多年的努力, 我以為我終於找到了安全和自由。
然而,2001年9月11日,我的信心也被深深地震撼了。因為那天我的丈夫和我也準備乘預定的航班從波士頓出差。回頭想想那兩個撞向世界貿易中心的飛機會是我們乘坐的航班, 我們的生命在那天就會結束, 我們的幼兒會失去父母, 這個想法讓我們充滿了後怕。為了試圖重新控制我的生命, 我也急急地做了很多的事:寫下遺囑, 安排後事,買人壽保險, 等等, 但是做這些事並沒有趕走那種對生命沒有控制的不安全感。在2009年12月,我把我的生命交給了耶穌, 他完全帶走了我的恐懼和不安,給了我一個超越理性的平安。所以這次我對波士頓馬拉松轟炸有一個完全不同的反應。因為我知道,我的生命是完全掌握在上帝的手中的。我所有在世上的日子都是神預定好的的,沒有上帝的批准, 連一根頭髮也不可以從我頭上落掉,。當我做完神為我準備好的工作後,我會回去與我天上的父在一起。因為有這樣的信心和平安,我能安慰我的三個年幼的孩子,她們不會因為轟炸事件被嚇壞或受創傷。


  1. 閱讀神給你的愛的信(God's love letter)。點擊這里為中國版本

  2. 閱讀紐約時報“暢銷書由蒂姆·凱勒(Tim Keller: Reason for God),他是紐約市的一個牧師:需要上帝的原因。第二章,“愛人的神為什麽會允許世上有這樣的邪惡? ”。(點擊此處購買中文版點擊這裡閱讀摘錄)。

  3. 閱讀我自己的人生找到和平和自由故事。您可以在這裡閱讀中國版本您可以給我們電郵收到中國版本

  4. 讀過這些材料之後, 如果你願意採取行動得到永遠的平安, 你只需要念一下以下的祈禱:“主耶穌,你是我的救主,我的神,我把我的生命交給你,請你指導帶領我。請進入我的心,原諒我一切的罪,奉耶穌的名,阿們!“ 當你做到這一點,即使你遭遇突然的不幸,你可以堅信你會與神同在天上。在此之後, 你可以開始你認識上帝的旅程,來了解上帝在地上為你預備的計劃和命定。你可以去教會。華理克(Rick Warren)的書,標竿人生,也是你與神開始旅程的一個好資源。您可以在這裡閱讀免費在線的中文版

  5. 閱讀'天堂是真的'一個四歲的男孩的真實故事,在緊急手術經歷了天堂又回來。我們可以知道在人死後, 還會有什麼好的生活!在這裡,你可以找到書的中文翻譯



我們會繼續為你們禱告, 求神給你們安全,平安, 喜樂。不要害怕,因為上帝與你同在。親愛的兄弟姐妹們,這是創造你們的上帝要對你們說的話:
你願意到基督這裡, 來尋求力量和勇敢嗎?

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