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In a remote rural village belonging to the Miao (Chinese ethnic minority) people, lives a beautiful 21-year-old woman named Mrs. Ting. Mrs. Ting is not a novice when it comes to dealing with troubles -- she has faced hardship since the age of two. However, one encounter with Jesus forever changed her grave demeanor and gave her an entirely new outlook on life. Although Mrs. Ting has endured misfortunes, she is now a living example of Psalm 30:5: “Weeping may stay for the night, but joy comes in the morning.”


This is the story of Mrs. Ting, as told by one of All Girls Allowed’s field workers in China:



When we first saw Mrs. Ting, it was evident that her life had not been easy. Her somber expression and subdued character were outward hints that she was facing struggles, but we soon learned that she carried most of her pain within.


From an early age, Mrs. Ting has faced tragedies and hardships. When she was just two years old, she left home and went to live with her step-mother. Because her step-mother never accepted Mrs. Ting as her child, she did not receive the love and support she needed. Growing up, Mrs. Ting collected trash with her grandmother to make a living, and when she reached the age of sixteen, she entered the workforce herself. Due to her inadequate education, Mrs. Ting could only work in small shops with meager salaries, jobs that provided little hope of improving her situation. In addition to her tough upbringing, Mrs. Ting suffers from hepatitis B, and the combination of her sickness and the lack of genuine love in her life have given her a solitary and serious nature.


Mrs. Ting appears solemn on the outside, but her loving actions towards those around her reveal her kind and compassionate heart. On one occasion, one of Mrs. Ting’s friends from another village got sick and needed surgery. Immediately, Mrs. Ting quit her job to go care for her friend and stayed there for an extended period of time. Mrs. Ting said that she was afraid of losing any of her precious friends, and this was evidenced by the way she valued her friend’s wellbeing over her own livelihood.


Adding to Mrs. Ting’s difficulties is her husband’s status as a migrant worker. He works as an electric welder and receives low income, and this puts him under enormous pressure. When Mrs. Ting gave birth to her daughter, she could not breastfeed the baby because of her hepatitis. This left both mother and daughter alone in poor health. Desperately needing someone to look after her child, Mrs. Ting had no choice but to send the baby to her grandmother, who lives in another village. Separation from her child tormented her.


By the grace of God, Mrs. Ting was able to enroll in our Baby Shower Program. The Baby Shower Program provides her with a monthly stipend to use for her daughter, but it wasn’t until recently that Mrs. Ting told our field workers that she’s felt deeply loved ever since she enrolled. Reasons for this feeling were inexplicable to her, but her heart was full of gratitude towards us and All Girls Allowed. Soon after joining the Program, she learned about how other mothers like her believed in Jesus and how they started going to church and living new lives full of peace and joy. Mrs. Ting had always wanted to experience such a radical transformation, but she never had the courage to talk to us about it.


A few weeks ago, she finally communicated to us her longing to go to church and to become a follower of Christ. Excited about this wonderful news, we invited her to another mother’s house where we shared with her the truth of Jesus’ crucifixion and how He died for every single one of us on the cross. She was touched by the Holy Spirit and tears were streaming down her face. Mrs. Ting immediately decided to believe in God and promised to love and follow Christ all her life. We went to church together the next day and the entire church community welcomed us enthusiastically.


Praise the Lord for anointing Mrs. Ting with His immeasurable joy! We could see the joy on Mrs. Ting’s face and in her buoyant footsteps as she left the church that day. We knew that even the angels were proclaiming God’s glorious name because of Mrs. Ting’s salvation.


Mrs. Ting’s testimony is very encouraging to us and it reminds us that many more mothers are waiting for us to serve them, to share the good news of Jesus’ love with them, and to help them repent and turn back to God. We are filled with gratitude and strength because of this amazing story!



Hearing about this kind of transformation brings great joy to us at All Girls Allowed. When the devil comes to plant seeds of doubt and fear in our minds, it is easy to question whether our efforts are making a difference. We are faced with the impossible task of bringing restoration and love to millions of people. How can that be accomplished? We must not forget that we serve the God of the impossible. Through Him all things are possible, and Mrs. Ting’s story is evidence of God’s hand in this work. Mrs. Ting is just one example of the individual mothers who are touched by All Girls Allowed and the Baby Shower Program. It is important to remember that those we support are real people with real names and real stories. Whenever we get discouraged, we have these miraculous accounts to remind us that, with God, we have the victory .


by Emilie, All Girls Allowed


The Baby Shower Program is bringing life, value, and dignity to baby girls in China by showing their families that girls have value. Please support mothers like Mrs. Ting by giving to our Baby Shower Program



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The following report was written by Sister Xia, an All Girls Allowed field worker in China.



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