Good News from the Orphan Care Program!


Image: Two girls in the Orphan Care Program making cards together


On July 5th, the All Girls Allowed team was delighted to receive our first official update from our Orphan Care Program. All Girls Allowed started the Orphan Care Program in February, 2012 with the mission of caring for children who are not eligible for government orphan care. It has been difficult to continue this ministry because there were not enough people to oversee it in China, and at one point All Girls Allowed considered stopping this program. But, by the grace of God, the program has steadily grown and now we are able to see the fruit of our worker’s efforts. We are so thankful to our brothers and sisters in China who have volunteered to care for these precious children.


Our program currently serves 10 children ages 3-13. These children are not “official” orphans, but they have all lost one parent, been abandoned by their parents, or moved away from their parents for other reasons. Some of the children’s parents are mentally or physically disabled and are unable to care for their children, so the children are virtually orphans. The Chinese government provides orphanages and other benefits for children who have lost both parents, but there is little help for children who still have one or both parents yet do not have contact with them.


Every month (and often more frequently than that) a few of our field workers visit these 10 children in their homes. Our workers play with the children, check up on how they are doing, and give them a monthly stipend to help pay for schooling and other necessities. Because of their tough circumstances, many of the children are quiet and reclusive, so it is good for them to have somebody to talk to.


What is beautiful about the the Orphan Care Program is that our workers serve the children and their families in a holistic way. They care for all the needs of the children--physical, emotional, spiritual, and practical. One example of this

dedication is the story of baby Yu and his family. In January, Yu’s mother accidentally burned part of the house down while she was cooking, leaving the window and door cracked and open to the cold. Our workers heard about this and went to visit Yu’s family. Yu lives with his mentally disabled parents and his paralyzed grandfather, so he was not receiving adequate care when our workers found him. He was dirty and his skin was cracked from the cold. Our workers washed Yu and helped keep him warm. Later, with the help of the local church, our workers raised enough money to repair the broken windows and door. Now Yu is enrolled in preschool and receives a monthly stipend to keep him in school. In February, our workers had a party for Yu’s third birthday. It’s hard to believe that the smiling boy in the birthday hat (right) is the same child who was once so lonely and serious.


Another amazing story from our Orphan Care Program is the story of our sister’s card making business. The older children our workers serve are lonely and do not have much opportunity to spend time with other kids. To help the children get out of the house and associate with others, one of our field workers has started having the older kids over her house each weekend. The children gather together for the whole day to talk, eat lunch together, and spend time making cards for the mothers in our Baby Shower Program. Making cards helps the children to feel productive and confident in their skills. Our sister gives each of them part of their monthly stipend as a “salary” for making the cards and then gives the remaining stipend money to their guardians. This makes the children feel important and valued. Being together also helps the kids develop social skills and just have fun.


We are so thankful to God for sustaining the Orphan Care Program and for allowing our workers to bring Jesus’s love into the lives of these children. It breaks God’s heart to see His children suffering and alone, but we are grateful that He is using our field workers to bring light and joy into the darkness. As the Orphan Care Program moves forward, there are a few specific points that we would like to lift up in prayer:


1. Pray for God’s protection and provision for the kids and their families.

2. Pray that the children and their families would be blessed with good health and know God personally.

3. Pray that God will protect and bless our workers who have been willing to visit and care for those kids voluntarily, even outside of their work with the Baby Shower Program.

4. Pray that God will provide a suitable worker to manage the Orphan Care Program in the North. Sadly, we had to refuse 10 children’s applications for the program last month due to a lack of workers.


God has been faithful in sustaining this program and by His grace, it will expand in the years to come!


"A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families, he leads forth the prisoners with singing;”

-Psalms 68:5,6


By Emilie, All Girls Allowed



All Girls Allowed ( was founded by Chai Ling in 2010 with a mission to display the love of Jesus by restoring life, value and dignity to girls and mothers in China and revealing the injustice of the One-Child Policy.  “In Jesus’ Name, Simply Love Her.”


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