Finding God in the Midst of Suffering

Testimony of Sister Yan - November 20, 2014

UPDATE!: January 2015

Praise God for His protection. On January 10th, a completely healthy, beautiful, and precious little princess' life was brought into this world. Yan and her husband are both deeply in love with this baby. We believe that God rescued both mother, child, and the rest of the family. His salvation is truly wonderful. After the all fear and anxiousness, when this baby girl was finally born, we were jumping, dancing, and praising the power of the Lord.  
"Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests." (Luke 2:14)
Original Story:


Ms. Yan was registered this June. She is now seven months pregnant and has a five-year-old son. Even though she gone through some struggles and persecution, through the love and mercy of God, Yan has chosen to keep her unborn child. At the same time, she has experienced a wondrous change, from being a woman who knew nothing about God to a woman who willingly prays to Him and longs to be closer to Him. Our God uses different people in different ways to bring them before Him. Let our ministry become a blessing to all peoples and all nations!


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In April, Yan found out that she was unexpectedly pregnant. According to the One-Child Policy, she can only have one child and any other child would be illegal. If she has this child then Yan’s husband may lose his job (he is a soldier), so Yan told her aunt that she wanted to abort the baby. Luckily, Yan’s aunt is a Christian and she knew of our ministry, so she contacted our co-workers. After hearing of Yan’s situation they hurried over to her house and talked to her about the dangers of abortion, also explaining that abortion is murder. She cried while accepting the co-workers words, but was still struggling and hesitating in her heart. Yan had admitted to being a believer in God, but had never actually experienced Him.


After about two month, Yan’s mother, who intensively worships idols, told Yan that if she does not abort her child then, as their grandmother, she would not take on any responsibility or care for Yan’s children. Her husband’s family was also very hesitant about keeping the child. Under all of this pressure and three months pregnant, Yan again felt helpless and wanted to abort her child. Our co-workers went to talk to her, persuaded her not to abort, and brought her before God declaring: no matter what, protect this child. In this way, they survived through another storm.


When she was five months pregnant Yan went to the hospital for a check up. The doctor told her that her child has a high possibility of being born with cerebral palsy. Again, Yan was caught in a helpless struggle, and called our co-workers. After the call, our co-workers knelt on the ground and began to pray for Yan and her baby. They comforted her and advised her to go to a different hospital in ten days to check up again. However, Yan told them with joy that she has decided not to go to the hospital, but received peace from God through prayer that her baby will be born a healthy baby. Praise God! Yan has learned to seek God when she feels helpless and pray to Him.


In two months Yan’s baby will be born, and in the meantime the co-workers have given Yan a bible MP3 player. They told us that as Yan touched her belly and felt her baby move within her, a smile of joy and hope broke out over her face. She said to our co-workers, “Thank you for your ministry and coming every month to visit and care for my family. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn how to pray to God. Thank you for the money that you lovingly dedicate to us every month; I feel indebted to God. If this child is born a girl, I do not wish to receive any more money from this ministry, but instead wish to have what is left of the aid to be distributed to other mothers and babies in need.”


Praise God! We were able to not only see Yan return to God with confidence, but we were also able to see her heart of thanksgiving. Her husband has also agreed to keep this baby as well! We know that all of this is only because of God. God’s plan is greater than our plans, and His ways are greater than our ways. Give all the glory and praise to our Father in heaven!   


All Girls Allowed ( was founded by Chai Ling in 2010 with a mission to display the love of Jesus by restoring life, value and dignity to girls and mothers in China and revealing the injustice of the One-Child Policy.  “In Jesus’ Name, Simply Love Her.”


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