Fighting Desperation, a Mother Decides to Keep Her Baby


When Deng spoke with one of our field workers recently, she was despairing. Her husband had left her when she initially refused to abort their baby, and she had no idea how she would raise her children alone. 


Deng had already suffered deep wounds in relationships. Two years ago, she was in an abusive relationship with an violent older man and gave birth to a son. Her mother helped her escape that relationship and rescue her son, but Deng was on her own afterwards. She struggled to build a new life and care for a young child.


Deng met another man, Mr. Wang, and soon moved in with him. But through her work at a clothing store, she met a woman who follows Jesus as a member of an underground church. This sister shared the story of Jesus with Deng. She was really moved: she found hope in Jesus and started going to meetings at the church. Mr. Wang joined her at church and they were married in a ceremony, surrounded by their new community.


After some time, though, Wang began to distance himself from Deng. He grew colder and colder towards her. She wondered why. Maybe it was because they hadn’t had a child together yet, she thought. So Deng was thrilled (and relieved) to learn that she was pregnant with their first child. Maybe the task of parenting would draw them together and give their marriage new life!


Deng told Wang about the pregnancy with these hopes, and so his response came as a crushing blow.


“I want you to abort the baby,” he said. When she refused, Wang began leaving home for days at a time. Sometimes Deng wouldn’t hear from him for ten days, and when he finally returned, he would do so secretly and steal her money. He even took the wedding ring he had given to her on the day of their marriage ceremony.


The brothers and sisters tried to intervene and encourage Wang to care for his pregnant wife, but their pleas fell on deaf ears. He left.



Deng was devastated and hopeless. She had just quit her job because of the pregnancy and had no idea how she was going to care for her son and a newborn, too.


When Brother Huang, our field worker, heard about Deng’s plight, he and his wife decided to visit her to see if they could help. They got in their car and headed out. They called Deng, who said, “Don’t bother coming to see me. I’ve already made my decision.” She told them she had already made up her mind to abandon her faith and abort the baby.


But Brother Huang and his wife didn’t turn around. They came to be with Deng and prayed with her. “God’s word is so powerful,” said Huang afterwards. “Sister Deng wept as we read and prayed with her, but she was deeply comforted.”


“She was filled with God’s grace—she not only decided to keep her baby, but she even told us she was going to pray for her husband and the baby, too.”


Deng enrolled in the Baby Shower Gift Program and is now more than five months pregnant.


“Please keep her in your prayers,” said Brother Huang.


Sister Deng with her son. 


by Kat Lewis, All Girls Allowed

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