The Team


Tara Jiang

Case Worker

Yilian became a Christian when she was in college and served in a house church. She joined the All Girls Allowed Case Team in July 2012 because she cares about people who are suffering, especially those at the bottom of society in China. As a mother, Yilian's heart is broken when she thinks about the innocent babies that have been killed and she mourns with their mothers.


Peiyi Zhang

Case Worker

Peiyi was called to be a daughter of God in September 2010. Since then, God has given her a burden for lost souls. He also guided her to serve at church since September, 2011. She was shocked when she first saw the picture of Feng Jianmei and her forcibly aborted baby, even though Peiyi was a doctor in China and has delivered babies before. In September 2012, she decided to join All Girls Allowed. She longs to help hopeless people to know Jesus.