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Annual Report

Click below to read our 2012 Annual Report on Gendercide and the One-Child Policy:

[Warning: Some graphic content.]



Download the PDF here: 2012 Annual Report on Gendercide and the One-Child Policy



Killing, trafficking and abandonment of baby girls should be recognized as human rights atrocities. To better understand these problems and their causes, check out the thoroughly researched statistics pages linked below. All statistics pertain specifically to China and are taken from highly reliable sources, which are cited within.



All girls allowed Reports

A selection of research reports compiled by All Girls Allowed:




Research Articles

All Girls Allowed bases all its work on solid academic research from Chinese and international scholars about the One-Child Policy and gendercide. Click here to read a compilation of the most salient research articles.


News coverage

Over the years, many major news and media outlets have covered gendercide and the One-Child Policy.  Click here to see the most prominent articles from the past several years.