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Since China began enforcing the One-Child Policy in 1980, over 37 million girls have disappeared in the world’s largest gendercide and over 336 million forced and coerced abortions have occurred under the policy’s reign. But there is hope! Check out the All Girls Allowed movement and find out how you can join what God is doing to bring an end to these injustices!
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 Chai LingFounder & PresidentAll Girls Allowed – In Jesus’ Name, Simply Love HerThursday, April 30th, 2015 The Time is now to End the One-Child Policy: In Jesus’ Name I Pray, God’s Will be Done on Earth Testimony toThe Congressional Executive Commission on ChinaChairman Congressman Chris SmithCo-chairman Senator Marco Rubio To the Honorable Chairman Chris Smith, thank you Chairman Smith. Thank you for your tireless effort to end the One Child Policy for the past 35 years! For upholding the human rights of all people in China, and in the world! To the Co-Chairman...
附录: 我给举目联络, 他们拒绝发表我的文章的记录  2015-01-22 22:46 GMT-08:00 Chai Ling <>:编辑您好,上周您们发表了徐志秋先生关于我的文章。这是我对他的文章的回应。 请您也发表,为了平衡,希望您们也能连续登三天。 谢谢您们。 耶稣祝福您们 柴玲  2015-01-23 0:31 GMT-08:00 Agnes Tan <>: Dear 柴玲, 謝謝您寫信來。 我今天不太舒服,匆匆看您的來信,或許有疏漏,但先注意到第三點有誤會。在周的原稿內並沒有“但我們提醒YZM” 這句,而是雲牧師的話,但當時改稿的時候(不是我),為了斷句,誤植進去。過了約兩天,周牧師才發現,打電話給我,我查看原稿、確認後才修改。附件是我從facebook  上撤下來的最終稿。 至於是否能發表您的這封信,我需要與機構主管商量,請給我們一點時間。(週五有一天的會議,之後又是週末,幾位主管,還有我,都要外出服事,未必能找到時間開會決定) 去年年底,我在個人的facebook 上轉了你的第一封信。當時轉發率很高,勝過《舉目》的其他任何文章。由於機構認為雖然是在我個人的facebook 上轉載,...

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We would like to introduce All Girls Allowed's bi-monthly e-journal entitled “In Jesus' Name Love Her”, with our first two issues! We hope to use this e-journal as a tool to mobilize churches in China and in North America. We aim to share the vision of our ministry, spread the Choose Life message, and communicate the many testimonies and prayer requests we receive from the field. We hope that you will enjoy...